Lost in Translation

4 04 2007

I have been picking my way through Lost in Translation by Charlie Croker for some light reading. The book has a collection of excerpts of English found around the world (and not always in non-English speaking countries). My favourites:


In Kansas City: Ho- made Chili

Next to a spicy dish on a Chinese restaurant menu in Memphis: …will make you cry silently


On a Taiwanese toy: Let’s decompose and enjoy assembling!

On a Japanese washing machine:
Push button.
Foam come plenty.
Big noise.

and my personal favourite:

on a Japanese haemorroid treatment: Lie down on bed and insert product slowly up to the projected portion [already OUCH] like a sword-guard into anal duct [*eh?*]. while inserting product for approximately 5 minutes, keep quiet [yeah, shut the hell up while you shove that sword-guard up your bum].




5 responses

4 04 2007

I love the washing machine one. I wish that was all it took to do a load of wash. Big noise, Finish.

5 04 2007

I couldn’t get past the “ho-made chili”! That’s great!

9 04 2007

Those are funny!

10 04 2007

The washing machine poem is my favorite. 🙂

11 04 2007

It seems like it is art. Is it? 🙂

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