Lovely lazy list

11 04 2007

I am thinking in bullet points at the moment so to keep you up-to-date with what’s new in my world:

  • holiday is BOOKED!  Flight to San Francisco, drive down the coast then over to Vegas.  We go in less than 5 weeks.  eek.
  • strangely addicted to a shoot em up game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl.  I rarely play games on account of my total ineptitude but I seem to be ok with pc games.  Ricardo thinks it is funny when I play because I FREAK OUT everytime I get shot at or surprised by anything.  I literally jump out of my skin.  He even took a picture to show me how red I went the last time it happened but ‘alas’ the photo did not come out.
  • quilt top is almost finished which means I have to start thinking about the scary quilting part – good job I have the slightest idea what I am doing…
  • Easter was fun and relaxing.  Weather was warm.  BBQ was had.  It’s amazing how good it feels to have two bank holidays.
  • another essay looms – this is the penultimate with the next one due just after I go away on hols so I better get cracking so I can get them both done and out of the way.  I haven’t even started to think about revising for the exam in June.  It makes me feel a bit queasy.
  • work = SSDD
  • finished reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austen.  Very much enjoyed it although Fanny Price needs a slap at times.  I also felt the denouement was very rushed and I felt kind of cheated to have no dialogue with declarations of love.  Plus they are cousins which skeeves me out.  But I do love Austen.
  • watched the entire Spaced series (seasons 1 and 2) over the weekend and LOVED IT.  It is very funny and the actors/writers Jessica Stevenson and Simon Pegg are adorable.  I still have a few extras left to watch (which I am saving for when I need cheering up!).  Fully intend to trawl the website when I have a spare mo.
  • have started a kinda diet to try to shed some bulk before our trip.  I think I might get kicked out of California for looking like I do.
  • went down the driving range for the first time for about 2 years.  Was pleasantly surprised I could still hit a ball.  Might venture out onto an easy 9 hole course soon.
  • am still listening to Daughtry over and over.  It is getting to be a bit of a worry…





2 responses

11 04 2007
I Wish!

Regarding the diet part:

I started to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R, but couldn’t get into it.

11 04 2007

Yeah I am not a fan of dieting – I know what I need to do to lose weight longterm (ie get off my fat arse and do regular exercise to start with) but this is a short term hit to try to not be completely heiffer-like in my swimming cozzie!!!

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