Essay status report

17 04 2007

Time now: 5.50pm

Time essay due in: Midnight

Word count required: 1425 being 5% off the minimum1500 limit as is allowed by Open University law.

Word count written so far: 172

Words per minute rate: 11.46

Estimated completion time of essay: 110 minutes

Location of me: London (at work doing my essay after working hours)

ETA home if I leave in 110 minutes (plus time to finish blogging) : 10pm

Location of tutor: Coventry

Estimated time to get home from station, print essay, proof read and get from home to tutor: 45 minutes

Estimated time of arrival at tutor’s house: 10.45pm

Time to spare: 1 hour 15 minutes. 

Easy.  Let’s just hope the train is on time.

p.s. time wasted posting this post? Priceless.




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17 04 2007

Go, Kate, go!

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