Monkey Magic

27 04 2007

I was home alone again last night while ricardo had an overnight business trip.  Monkey welcomed me home…


Note the chinese take-away menu, the PS3 controller, the DVDs… I think this is classed as ‘licence to do bugger all’.  The ironing, filing and other chores that need doing did not get done.  I checked upstairs and found…


I couldn’t help but take a few more photos


And then when I got them together, that’s when the magic happened…


This is my favourite shot:





8 responses

27 04 2007

Aw, monkey love is in the air…

Your hubby is adorable – fancy loaning him out!?!!??!?!



27 04 2007

I love those monkeys. Did you make them? It is so sweet that your husband does that!

28 04 2007

Aw, how sweet is that?! What a good hubs!

29 04 2007

I *love* monkey. Who did you have to kill to get TWO? or did you have to actually buy a digital box twice?

29 04 2007

I had a really bad day x years ago (can’t remember when) and my friend at work and my husband both had the same idea to buy me one. It was when ITV Digital had gone bust so they were selling off all the Monkeys. They arrived a day apart and I have been in love with them ever since!!!

ps Moira – I *wish* I could make something this adorable!!! Alas, they are shop-bought!!

1 05 2007

I need monkeys.

That is all.

3 05 2007

So sweet!

3 04 2009
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