Just a taster…

27 05 2007

The open road



Back home

27 05 2007

Wow – what a great holiday.  I can’t wait to share it with you but right now I am absolutely shattered.  We didn’t get any sleep on the plane so I have been awake for 25 hours.  We are just sorting through our photos – we took a ridiculous amount.   I will upload my favourites to my Flickr account and we will put all the good ones on our joint account.

In the meantime, it’s good to be home.  I have just had a nice cup of tea.  I am sure the tea in America is perfectly nice but it just doesn’t taste the same as tea back home…

I will have a lot of catching up of blog reading now I am back so you will all have to bear with me for updates and comments alike!

Hope all is well with you in your world.

Salutations from Santa Barbara

19 05 2007

We are having a whale of a time. We loved San Francisco, we spent two fantastic nights in a yurt on Big Sur. We are revving up for a couple of nights in Santa Barbara and then we move on again. Hope all is well in your respective worlds…

Maybe I am addicted to drama…

11 05 2007

So I finished my essay today with about an hour to spare.  At work.  After working on it for a total of 9 hours which is a pretty long time for me.  Clearly, I do not have a problem spending time writing an essay provided it’s not *my* time.  Anyway, I have posted it and I am relieved.  I will NOT think about the exam which is two short weeks after we get back from holiday – I am too FRIGGIN EXCITED to even CONTEMPLATE the exam.

I am at work still for one reason only – I am in no hurry to shuffle down to London Bridge station to catch a cramped train to Gatwick (at least I have no luggage) – ricardo is meeting me there.

I hope to be able to post a bit while I am away to let you know how things are going.  In the meantime, happy Friday to you all. 

Take care. 

Our route

10 05 2007

I still have loads of essay writing to do but I am taking a break (so what if my introduction isn’t written yet?) to post a map of our holiday route.  Will we be passing through any of your hometowns? 


Click here for a more detailed map!

Busy bee

9 05 2007

I have got a ton of things to get done this week which of course means the time is whizzing by. We go away on holiday on Friday evening – I am going to Gatwick straight from work – so I have two evenings (including this evening and it’s already 9.30pm) left at home in which I need to get the following things done:

  1. Do all the washing/ironing (well, ok… maybe not the ironing)/putting away of laundry
  2. Pack cases and hand luggage
  3. Write an entire essay (final essay is due in on Tuesday so needs to be posted before I leave the country on Saturday morning!)
  4. Get all the holiday documents together
  5. Get rid of all unwanted hair and treat my skin. Oh crikey – does California know what is in store?

In addition, I would quite like to do the following as added bonuses:

  • Do all our admin/filing – make sure we don’t miss any bills/payments while we are away (although I think everything is done by direct debit)
  • Finish quilting my quilt – I *do* know this is not a priority but I would so love to come back and just have to do the binding
  • Clean the house top to bottom – or maybe shove the vacuum about a bit
  • Read the rest of the California and Las Vegas Rough Guide
  • Watch all my TV programmes so I am up-to-date and Sky + is clear for all the TV it is going to have to record while we are away!

So what the hell am I writing my blog for?!?!?!

It’s official!

8 05 2007

What a strange few days!!! As well as my job news, my best friend had her second baby girl on Friday (May the Fourth be with her, and all that).  Mother and baby both well and little bab is adorable. 

I have been feeling very zen about the whole thing which makes me know I have done the right thing.  There has been some interesting fall-out which I will share once I have left (I don’t want to go into now as there could be legal implications).  My boss sent out the annoucement email to the company this morning and it made me go “AW”:

This is to advise everyone that Kathryn has decided, sadly, to leave [my company] after 5½ years of excellent service…  Kathryn is also looking forward to reclaiming the 5 hours-a-day she spends getting to and from [my company].

I would like to thank Kathryn on behalf of [my company] for her valuable contribution to the company and to my team during that time.  Her excellent broking, good organisational skills and good sense have shone through and will be greatly missed.  I would like to wish her the best of luck in her new role.

Kathryn’s last day in the office is due to be 31st July 2007.

I have already started to fantasize about having a cleaner house, more time to sew and take pictures and write, as well as doing a lovely little job with lovely people and no stress!  Look, I am allowed to dream!