It’s official!

8 05 2007

What a strange few days!!! As well as my job news, my best friend had her second baby girl on Friday (May the Fourth be with her, and all that).  Mother and baby both well and little bab is adorable. 

I have been feeling very zen about the whole thing which makes me know I have done the right thing.  There has been some interesting fall-out which I will share once I have left (I don’t want to go into now as there could be legal implications).  My boss sent out the annoucement email to the company this morning and it made me go “AW”:

This is to advise everyone that Kathryn has decided, sadly, to leave [my company] after 5½ years of excellent service…  Kathryn is also looking forward to reclaiming the 5 hours-a-day she spends getting to and from [my company].

I would like to thank Kathryn on behalf of [my company] for her valuable contribution to the company and to my team during that time.  Her excellent broking, good organisational skills and good sense have shone through and will be greatly missed.  I would like to wish her the best of luck in her new role.

Kathryn’s last day in the office is due to be 31st July 2007.

I have already started to fantasize about having a cleaner house, more time to sew and take pictures and write, as well as doing a lovely little job with lovely people and no stress!  Look, I am allowed to dream!




4 responses

8 05 2007

It must have been weird, seeing it in black and white? Sounds as if you’ve made the right decision though.

The horrid company I work for are trying lure me into working 5 rather than 4 days a week – but today I have hoovered, made bread rolls (which the boys devoured the second they came home from school!!) and am about to make some muffins…

What is it they say? ‘You can have anything you want in life, but you can’t have it all’ – something like that, anyway.

Good on ya 🙂

9 05 2007

That’s a nice email. Better than the stuffy ones where I work.

And CRAP! 5 hours! even in Toronto, it was only 3 all told…

10 05 2007

I know I was very touched when I read it – my boss is a really good man even if he couldnt manage his way out of a wet paper bag. The commute is just ridiculous. I am exhausted!

11 05 2007
tea and cake

…and you’ll leave just in time for the height of summer!

…layzing in the garden for a time at least, I’m sure…

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