Busy bee

9 05 2007

I have got a ton of things to get done this week which of course means the time is whizzing by. We go away on holiday on Friday evening – I am going to Gatwick straight from work – so I have two evenings (including this evening and it’s already 9.30pm) left at home in which I need to get the following things done:

  1. Do all the washing/ironing (well, ok… maybe not the ironing)/putting away of laundry
  2. Pack cases and hand luggage
  3. Write an entire essay (final essay is due in on Tuesday so needs to be posted before I leave the country on Saturday morning!)
  4. Get all the holiday documents together
  5. Get rid of all unwanted hair and treat my skin. Oh crikey – does California know what is in store?

In addition, I would quite like to do the following as added bonuses:

  • Do all our admin/filing – make sure we don’t miss any bills/payments while we are away (although I think everything is done by direct debit)
  • Finish quilting my quilt – I *do* know this is not a priority but I would so love to come back and just have to do the binding
  • Clean the house top to bottom – or maybe shove the vacuum about a bit
  • Read the rest of the California and Las Vegas Rough Guide
  • Watch all my TV programmes so I am up-to-date and Sky + is clear for all the TV it is going to have to record while we are away!

So what the hell am I writing my blog for?!?!?!




One response

11 05 2007
tea and cake

have a great one!

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