Back to reality

1 06 2007

We have been back almost a week so I really ought to post something more inspiring than a short paragraph and a single photo.  For some reason it has been rather difficult to get back on the internet merry-go-round.  My blog subscriptions are rather daunting – so many things to read.  I still have to finish my travel journal – it would be  real shame not to finish it.  I just don’t feel very inspired.  Work has been predictable but it is comforting to know I am on the final countdown now. 

I hate post-holiday blues.  Everything at home feels stagnant and boring.  I have been listless and lazy at home, getting early nights.  I feel like I need a good clear out this weekend to get a load of jobs done that have been hanging around.  Maybe once I clear through the backlog of my life that has been neglected of late due to holiday and major life-altering decision making, I will feel refreshed and re-inspired.  I haven’t even touched my quilt since I have been back.  And I haven;t started revising for my exam which is on the 12th June.  Big Brother has just started which is bound to suck my time. 

Wow, what a downbeat post!  Here’s hoping I am more chipper tomorrow!




One response

5 06 2007

Dude that always happens to me after being off work or on vacation. It’s like I need a post-vacation to get back into the routine before returning to work.

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