To do list hell

15 06 2007

I love my lists, I really do.  But my to-do list is completely out of hand.  I am not talking about my work to-do list (which is completely manageable and not really concerning me considering I only have 6 weeks to go).   I am talking about the preposterous number of chores, jobs, tasks, projects etc. that need doing at home.  I cannot wait to have a couple of days at home with no job so that I can crack on with some of these things.  The list is so mammoth that I even have subcategories:

Sundries – small
Sundries – big

I am so compulsive with my lists that when I do something that constitues a chore that ISN’T on the list, I write it on just so I can tick it off straight away.  So very sad. 




6 responses

15 06 2007

But Kate, most of the things on your list are fun, aren’t they? Well, apart from the cleaning of course. Ugh. I think making a list of things you like makes them loom in a rather sinister manner…

Scary sundries, yikes!

15 06 2007

you are so right.. although the sundries and cleaning are nothing but chore-tastic.

19 06 2007

You left off drinking heavily and singing karaoke.

All work and no play…

19 06 2007

Ah that’s where I am going wrong… although I am pleased to report that whilst I did not have these two items on my list, my weekend included both drinking beer and rocking SingStar on the PS3. I really am an undiscovered talent. Such a shame.

19 06 2007

See… it’s all about making sure the right things (read: fun things) make it to your list, too!

21 06 2007

I like to add things to my list just for the satisfaction of checking them off, too!

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