Mighty my arse

20 06 2007

I am in a fab mood today but there is something I simply must get off my chest that has been annoying me.

Back in March, I bought Maggie Mason’s book No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog directly from her blog using PayPal. When I ordered it, it clearly stated that they accepted orders internationally. Other than the PayPal receipt I have heard nothing else. I have emailed Ms Mason numerous times but had no indication that the book has been sent. She hasn’t even replied to my emails. Now, I used to be a faithful reader of her blog but have now unsubscribed as I get really annoyed reading about all the crap she has been doing rather than answering a short email. She has also since stopped delivering internationally because of all the problems she has had.

If the book had gone missing in the post, I would have understood. I wouldn’t even have expected a refund if she could show she had posted it. But I heard nothing. I have contacted PayPal who informed me its is too late to do anything and anyway, only Ebay purchases are protected. I have tried one more time today to emai Mason. I do not expect to get a reply:

Dear Ms Mason

I am terribly disappointed to have heard nothing from you whatsoever since I made the below purchase. I have emailed several times (cc’ing the email address contained in the PayPal receipt) to no avail.

I can only assume that you have no interest in your readers or customers.

I do not expect to hear from you. However, should you decide to contact me, I would be grateful if you could simply confirm that you have posted the item ordered.

I do not expect a refund. I would just like a reply to my email.


I am annoyed a) because I think it is just rude to ignore someone who was trying to buy something you are selling (and for which you have pocketed the money) and b) I still want the book but cannot buy it now out of principle.

It is funny how the blogosphere changes things. If this was just a normal online purchase, I would have let it go. Because it is someone who I read about, I feel it’s personal.




5 responses

21 06 2007

That is disappointing. I hope it gets resolved!

21 06 2007

Wow, no answer at all and it’s been since March?! I wonder if other people have had the same problem as you.

21 06 2007

I already feel better for having a mini-rant! I am sure it wont be resolved and I have already written off the £12. I am sure people have been having problems since they have stopped shipping internationally and one of her blog posts mentioned sleepless nights worrying about it. I ws planning on being very reasonable. As I said, I had written off the money. I just object to being ignored! I will stop stamping my feet now!

23 06 2007

That really sucks.

I have never read her blog, but I remember reviews of her book being plastered everywhere.

Hopefully she’ll hear of this and contact you.

25 06 2007

I wonder if the one of her ideas of things to write about in my blog was ‘when online purchases go wrong’ in which case, she only owes me 99 ideas.

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