Feelin’ fine

22 06 2007

It’s Friday and I really am feelin’ fine.  I almost finished quilting my quilt last night.  Yes, I am still making it but progress is slow and I still have to bind the thing without ruining it – pictures will be forthcoming.

I have a couple of important meetings today at work that I want to get over and done with.  It has been very strange since handing my notice in.  No-one at work has expected anything different so I have still had to deal with an important renewal and whilst that is stressful, I have to keep reminding myself that it really doesn’t matter in the longrun.

Anyway I feel quite cheeky today as I have got Chanel Black Satin nail polish on.  In the city.  With all the toffs.  Hee!




2 responses

22 06 2007

I’m really looking forward to seeing your quilt!

Chanel Black Satin nails sound wowishly decadent – I have a posh concert tomorrow in a gorgeous village church with a chamber orchestra. I think I might follow your lead and do something cheeky with my nails too!!


22 06 2007

Ooh yes you must. Black or red is the only way to go! I would NEVER where black nails to work usually but my new catchphrase is “what are they gonna do, fire me?!”.

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