Happy Monday!

16 07 2007

It is Monday which is a bit crap really. I would prefer that it was still Saturday. Or Sunday. Or Friday, ideally. But it is Monday.

This weekend, we have been making some good progress decluttering our house and our kitchen surfaces / cupboards have particularly benefitted. We not longer have 50 appliances on the countertop (ok, this may be an exageration) and we now have a nifty new shelf with our cookery books ready for when I transform from tired, apathetic commuter to supreme domestic goddess.

I have also finally trasnferred all my pictures and music onto my new Macbook. I have also added all my addresses and diary entries (that didn’t take too long!). Once I have been through my HP laptop for other docs, we can format the hard drive and flog it. Anyone want a lovely HP laptop???

I will leave you with a question to ponder: Why would these search items lead to my blog??? It is at the same time baffling and disturbing.

flab sofa

amateur surfer

fix my heart

mean eyes

youtube girls pulling legs off daddy long legs

and the most worrying

shit inside jacuzzi

Have a nice day!!!




3 responses

16 07 2007

What the world? That last one really got me! I don’t understand these search things either. I haven’t checked mine in a while…but there was on there last time that I KNOW I NEVER WROTE ON MY BLOG! So where do they come up with it & how does it link to us?


16 07 2007

It must be a conspiracy because I am 99% sure I have never mentioned anything to do with shitting in a jacuzzi.

16 07 2007

ack! I’ve seen some pretty weird ones that led to my blog but none that out there. I’m sure you keep a clean jacuzzi 🙂

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