Strange day

30 07 2007

Thank you all for the birthday wishes.  I had a grand time and it was a lovely weekend.  I may have mentioned before that my birthday is immediately preceded by my brother’s and immediately proceeded by my husband’s so birthdays for me are like a mini-Christmas.   In fact, my parents felt quite left out when all three of us were tucking into our gifts!  We had lunch at Mum and Dad’s (with a delicious lasagne for which I MUST get the recipe) and then in the evening we went to Rich’s cousin’s wedding.  She looked beautiful in a golden gown.  Yesterday we had tea with Rich’s family.  Our niece Millie is just getting cuter and cuter – she is now at the babbling and walking stage.

Last night we rearranged our spare bedroom to make craft area for me – I am so excited!!  It looks fab already but will look even better when I have storage things and magazine holder and book shelves and drawers for all my bits and bobs.  Pictures will be posted when it is all done!

Anyway, although tomorrow is my last day at work, today is the last day I actually will be getting any work done so I better get on with it!




2 responses

31 07 2007

I’m jealous of a craft area in your bedroom! You must have a large size room!!!!

31 07 2007

Oh no it is just a table and a corner of the room – only a tiny craft area but I hope it will be small but perfectly formed!!

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