1 08 2007

So today was my first day as an unemployed slouch and I spent it with my mum in Manchester visiting my very elderly great-aunties. It feels strange not having a job to go to but at the same time it just feels like I am on holiday. I suppose it will really hit home next week when I get up on Monday with nothing to do.

Yesterday was quite an emotional day and I nearly shed a tear when my boss said some lovely things about me but I managed to keep it in check with a stiff upper lip like the good little British girl I am. I was bought the most FANTASTIC present as a leaving present – a sewing machine!!!!


I couldn’t believe it. I am so excited and I cannot wait to have a go at it. I have not had chance yet today although I have read the manual cover to cover. I have admired it. I just need to get it set up and actually try it now. Maybe tomorrow! I also got a bit of money which I will use to buy some material for my new quilt that I want to make – a sampler quilt. I have just one more edge of binding left on my patchwork quilt so I want to get that finished tonight so I can concentrate on my next project!

I just got my Open University result – a grade 3 pass (equivalent to a 2:2) which is pretty good considering I did one day of revision for the exam but of course I am still not that happy with it as I would have preferred to get a grade 2 pass since that is what I got with my essays alone. Oh well. Now I need to decide what to do about a new course.

I feel a bit all over the place and think I am actually worn out so I will pop off now and relax for the evening.




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1 08 2007

Good luck with your new job! And that is an awesome parting gift, they must have really loved you there.

2 08 2007
tea and cake

Happy Belated Birthday to You!

Now that you’ve finished with that nasty work thing, perhaps you like more to do than sewing, so I’ve tagged you on my blog, re: gardening.

2 08 2007

You know, you probably will feel worn out for a week or so – I know I do. It’s kind of like letting your body and mind get used to just being ‘you’. I’ve done nothing for the past week yet am sleeping for 11 hours a night!

I’m still dying to know what you have planned…


2 08 2007

Happy BD! I missed it!

I want a sewing machine for Xmas. My mother was a seamstress but never taught me before she died.

4 08 2007

Happy belated birthday and congrats on your last day of work! And don’t worry–you will soon find ways to fill the time! Enjoy.

5 08 2007
tea and cake

Hopefully, you’ll be reading this in the morning.
Monday morning.
In your bed.
At 10 am.
With no work to go to.


6 08 2007

Well what do you know?! It IS Monday. I AM in bed. I have NO work to go to. AND I am watching Buffy!!! HOORAY!

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