Let me introduce you

9 08 2007

craft desk, originally uploaded by kate1976.

to my little crafting corner. The drawer is full of notions and scrapbooking goodies. Above the desk is a shelf with…




So many lovely books – four were birthday presents so I have not had chance to make anything yet.

I love my corner of the house. I have ordered some pictures from Aunty Cookie and cannot wait to put them up to finish the area off.





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9 08 2007

Oh, I love your special big ruler thing… that looks proper crafty! I soooo wish I could do stuff like that but, alas, I am shamefully crap!

9 08 2007
tea and cake

It all looks very professional – and ready to use!

10 08 2007

Oooooh, I spy your sewing machine!!

10 08 2007

Lovely organization!! Is this where all the magic happens?

By the way – did you re-do the top of your blog? I like.

10 08 2007

Jen – believe me, I am all talk and no trousers. I have the gear but have not really made that much yet!!

tea and cake – thanks!!! It is still looking ready to use. Although I did make a pin cushion so that is something I suppose.

twolimeleaves – heee!! your advice was very well used in a round-about way! My husband managed to get some features I wanted without me realising I was getting the machine as a present from work. I still need a couple of extra feet but can buy them when I need them.

fenicle – this is where the magic SHOULD happen. Hopefully. And yes I changed the layout and header pic – I took it in Carmel, CA when we were on holiday and stopped for a coffee!

12 08 2007

Craft corners are my favorite things. Everyone should have their own corner for something.

23 05 2008
Janice Seagraves

I agree with Stephanie, that’s why I did my thursday thirteen about my desk and my shelf. I like yours too. Yours looks more organised then mine though LOL.

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