4 09 2007

I apologise for my fairly sporadic posting of late.  I blame it on the fact that a) I have no words in my head b) I can’t post at work (no internet use between 9 and 5 – criminal!!) and c) I have been lacking motivation to a gargantuan degree of all things life-related.

I am now in my second week of work at the new job and things are going OK.  This week is the annual training week which involves the usual team-building torture with which I am only too familiar.  The words ‘energiser’ and ‘icebreaker’ fill me with cold dread.

Today we looked at our life-journey which involved us thinking about who had influenced us throughout our lives.  It occurred to me that whilst my parents of course had a profound impact on my life, I can’t really say that any one other person really influenced me or inspired me.  I remember having teachers that were good but I never had a Dead Poets Society moment.  I also realised that I was a complete sheep, happy to follow the flock (or more specifically, my brother or my best friend) so I think sometimes I am not really sure who I am other than a mass of contradictions.  Hmm.  Deep.

ps I know this is old news and that he seems to the on the mend but I am really sad that Owen Wilson tried to take his life.  That crooked nosed fool is a cuteypie.




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5 09 2007

I’m in the same uninspired boat as you right now. Drifting. Directionless. I often wonder why I didn’t have more imput from parents/careers advisors/people with a bit of sense.

But hey. We’re doing what we’re doing, even if we are contradiction personified.

I’m rubbish at being a grown up.

Hope your job’s going well, despite the evil training.


5 09 2007

I always struggle to come up with influences and life-altering moments for those things too.
I must be too vanilla.

6 09 2007

Dude, I get it. I so get it. I’ve been computerless @ home now for too many days. The laptop blew up! yikes! We’re researching new ones…

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