I would like to know…

10 09 2007
  • Why do burns from an iron hurts so much?  The contact must have been mere milliseconds and yet layer upon layer of skin has been melted.  It really doesn’t make me like the chore any more…
  • Will I ever be able to watch a programme about 9/11 without crying?  Should I?
  • How many TV shows series-linked on Sky + is too many?
  • When will my good intentions vis a vis exercise and diet start to materialise into something a little less theoretical and a little more effective (perhaps this question needs to be answered in conjunction with the previous question)?
  • Why aren’t I in Italy with my parents enjoying the sun, the Alps and the fine cuisine?
  • Why do people who buy stuff on ebay complain about the postage cost?  Don’t bid if you don’t like it, fools.
  • Will England qualify for Euro 08?  If they carry on playing like they did on Saturday we have a chance…
  • How many more shows can I get my MIL addicted to?  Alias?  Check.  24?  Check.  I don’t think Buffy or Dawson’s Creek will be her thing, alas.
  • What will I make with the lovely Laura Ashley fabric in my stash?
  • Will I be good and do the ironing and housework after work tomorrow as planned or will I be distracted by my Real Simple magazine which I have managed to get ordered at the newsagents in town and will be picking up on my way home?
  • How can the weekend be over already?



2 responses

10 09 2007

Ah, there was a 9/11 show on last night on TLC (I think?) and it made me cry as well….and it’s not even that time of the month!!!!

11 09 2007

So many whys…..

I also watch too many 9/11 documentaries and get all weird and weepy. As a matter of fact, i was just going through the TV guide to find one to watch tonight. I guess I am a glutton for punishment.

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