This I know

25 09 2007
  • The Foo Fighters’ new album kicks ass. And the video for The Pretender gives me goosebumps. My love affair with Dave Grohl continues.
  • Forgetting people’s birthdays is rubbish and crap and I am sorry, Kirsty!  I even have a fancy new birthday book to help me remember.
  • Online food shopping is FAR superior to the kind where you have to walk around a supermarket with a trolley for an hour with screaming kids and people who don’t look where they are going. I am going to do an online shop after this post to avoid the latter.
  • Aqualung‘s Brighter than Sunshine (heard by me on the soundtrack to A Lot Like Love) makes me happy.
  • Passport photos are destined to make me look hideous, fat-headed and stupid. It is a conspiracy to make the whole customs experience even worse.
  • Jacket potato with baked beans and a little grated cheese is YUM. Gourmet? Hell no. But YUM.



4 responses

25 09 2007

Oh Kate, I love how British you are with your “jacket potatoes” and beans! We always called them jacket potatoes at my house too, because my parents are both from England. But all the other kids looked at me like I had two heads when I used those words around them. Especially when I told them I’d just had beans on toast for lunch. Their response was Ewwwwww! (I looooooove beans on toast!)

I wish I could food shop on line. Maybe I can and I just haven’t looked into it properly. Off to investigate!


28 09 2007

I was curious about the “jacket potatoes”. But they sounds yummy!!!!!!

28 09 2007

And people think I’m insane for eating lots of mashed potatoes with baked beans on them.

And oh! How I miss online grocery shopping!

24 10 2007

I’d eat a slug if it was on a jacket potato.

Ok, maybe not. But if you buried it in beans and tuna so I didn’t actually have to SEE it, I probably would.

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