Mini Quilt the Second

31 10 2007

Emily has now received the mini quilt I made for her friend so I can show it to you without ruining the surprise!!!


A bit closer…


And of course I have to sign it:


And I have an Etsy shop so if you would like one of these made just for you, mosey on over and have a gander.


Where did the week go?

30 10 2007

I have been very much offline this week for absolutely no reason at all. Perhaps I am reserving energy prior to the onslaught of NaBloPoMo. Perhaps I was just being lazy. In any case, normal service should now resume.

This is just one thing I have been up instead of being online. Say hello to Jack:


This is my first EVER jack o lantern so please don’t judge me on the crude effort. So far with the innards I have made some dubious spiced pumpkin seeds. I have kept the flesh to do something with tomorrow.

We can be stronger than bombs

23 10 2007

This song makes me feel really hopeful and quite emotional for some reason. It called Oxygen and it’s by Willy Mason.

You might have to wait for the buffer depending on your connection speed.

I did a quiz.

22 10 2007

Undiscovered – I like it. It sounds awfully romantic.

Getting ready for All Hallows Eve

18 10 2007

With the whole of Britain determined to ignore Halloween, this year I am determined to make the most of it. I have even bought decorations! Check out these fabulous candles:


And this cute little ghost light for the windowsill:


And on the day itself, Rich and I will drink our mulled wine and mead (or wine and lager) from these beautiful (plastic) receptacles:


Aren’t they just the best?! These were from Asda (first time we have been for years and we managed to buy all this great stuff!). I was tipped off about the goblets by a lovely new colleague.



17 10 2007

Blu-ray of 300: £19.97 (Asda is so cheap!!!)

Watching Gerard Butler’s 8-pack in high def (and slo-mo): Priceless



16 10 2007

Yesterday, I bought a lovely new jumper today from George at Asda which is soft, autumnal (that is one of my favourite words) and has big puffy long sleeves. Cheap is definitely the new chic.