Feeling good

8 10 2007

Sorry about going awol… had the sniffles and then lost my mojo. But I am BACK! I spent a productive weekend watching the rugby (woo! England!!), socialising, drinking, eating and sewing. It was just about perfect (except for the pounding head Sunday morning due to item three on the list above). I have *almost* finished the mini-quilt for Emily – just a couple of finishing touches (now that I realise I have enough time!) and then I really must tackle the debacle of my patchwork cushion covers that I completely bodged up a few weeks ago (they have been crammed in my fabric box for weeks because I cannot face working out how to fix it).

I got my first essay back from my new Open University course – Introduction to Humanities – and I did well which was pleasing given the short time I spent on it (I know, shock horror, right?!). It has inspired me to catch up on my reading for the course so I can try for once to stay on top of it. Now I have so much spare time, this shouldn’t be too hard. If only I wasn’t a telly addict – I would get so much more done.

And whilst I am on reading, I haven’t mentioned what I am reading lately. Since I stopped my commute, I have not read nearly so often which makes me a little sad so I am going to start trying to get to bed a bit earlier since that is my favourite place to read anyway. I am currently reading three books – I can’t seem to settle on any one at the moment: Tolkein’s The Two Towers, An Equal Music by Vikram Seth which makes me want to listen to classical music and know more about it and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon which I know will be superb once I manage to get going with it. All in all, it is quite a lot to be getting on with. In the pipeline, I have Austen’s Love and Friendship and Sophie’s Choice by William Styron.

Finally, I have signed up for this year’s NaBloPoMo. Anyone else doing it? More on this nearer to November. Right, off now to read October’s Real Simple magazine with a cup of tea.




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9 10 2007

I’m certainly excited to see it when you are finished!!!! I know my friend will love it 🙂

What is Napblomo? (or however it was spelled!) I’m curious…

9 10 2007

Isn’t rugby getting exciting? We enjoyed the South Africa/Fiji match on Sunday (I enjoyed chatting to my friends, and eating cake, and my husband enjoyed watching the match).

Vikram Seth is one of my favourite writers, and I loved An Equal Music. Hope you get on well with it.

9 10 2007

If you like Sophie’s Choice and haven’t read Styron’s Lie Down In Darkness, I recommend it. Has a distinct brooding feeling to it, if you can stand it.

Can’t wait to get Real Simple’s nov. issue – one of my favorite magazines! Trying to live “real simple,” but for now, mostly reading about it.

9 10 2007

Ooh, are you doing A103? I did that a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it – I bet you will too.

An Equal Music is heaven – seek out the CD of music based on the book if you’re playing on Amazon


15 10 2007

I am excited to see what all you write for this NaPlBo thing! It sounds so interesting.

15 10 2007
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