Craft catch-up

15 10 2007

It’s been a while since I have told you about my crafty pursuits which is mostly because I have not really done fat lot lately. What I have done, though, is finish the miniquilt for Fenicle (here is a sneak peek – I don’t want to ruin the surprise by posting a full piccie until she has received it):


I have also finally dug out those cushions I was talking about. Remember my patchwork quilt? These will eventually match the quilt. That is once I fix my mistakes. I used a pattern from Amy’s book but cocked up the measurements as I had to adjust the size to fit my large cushions. Since then they have been shoved away in my fabric box but they are now next to my machine which is the next step (Step 1: get the pieces out of the box; Step 2: put by machine; Step 3: sew and finish to make them look brill).


(click for more pics)

I found some more lovely Laura Ashley material on sale (£5 for 1.2 metres which is not bad considering it was £22 a metre full price) – I have yet to decide what to make with it but I am thinking Christmas present for Mum of some description (shhh in case she is reading!).




One response

16 10 2007

I can not wait for it to arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sneak peak is tiny, but looks amazing!!! I know my friend will love it 🙂


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