Getting ready for All Hallows Eve

18 10 2007

With the whole of Britain determined to ignore Halloween, this year I am determined to make the most of it. I have even bought decorations! Check out these fabulous candles:


And this cute little ghost light for the windowsill:


And on the day itself, Rich and I will drink our mulled wine and mead (or wine and lager) from these beautiful (plastic) receptacles:


Aren’t they just the best?! These were from Asda (first time we have been for years and we managed to buy all this great stuff!). I was tipped off about the goblets by a lovely new colleague.





5 responses

18 10 2007

I’m confused….why is the whole of Britain determined to ignore Halloween? (I’m an American….., and it’s my favorite holiday…..I even celebrate it in Morocco, where it is growing in popularity.) Furthermore, as it is an originally British (Celtic) holiday, and immigrants brought it to America, I hope the Brits aren’t against it because they think it’s “too American!”

Best regards,
“Madame Monet”

19 10 2007
One Way

Love those little skulls at the top.. suitably scary 😉

22 10 2007

Oh I love the ghost! We have a similar pumpkin! They glow great in the dark!!

22 10 2007

Those glasses are awesome! 😀

24 10 2007

Maybe I should move to Britain. I am not a Halloween fan.

I’ve been to Italy, but that’s the extent of my Europe travels. I would LOVE to visit Great Britain.

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