Where did the week go?

30 10 2007

I have been very much offline this week for absolutely no reason at all. Perhaps I am reserving energy prior to the onslaught of NaBloPoMo. Perhaps I was just being lazy. In any case, normal service should now resume.

This is just one thing I have been up instead of being online. Say hello to Jack:


This is my first EVER jack o lantern so please don’t judge me on the crude effort. So far with the innards I have made some dubious spiced pumpkin seeds. I have kept the flesh to do something with tomorrow.




4 responses

31 10 2007

Well you’re one jack o’ lantern ahead of me so I’m feeling admiring here …

Good luck for Nablo!

2 11 2007

What a lovely Jack-o-lantern. I live in Morocco where we have a different variety of pumpkin (I think) which is GREEN on the outside.

Helpful hint–I found that the candles stay lit better if you carve one face on ONE side, and a different face on the BACK side–it looks great, and gives twice as much air.

Best regards,
Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic

5 01 2008
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3 04 2009
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