How the beautiful game should be played

27 11 2007

Nablopomo no mo

26 11 2007

Ok I got bored with posting every day. I needed a break. I have failed but I feel ok about it! Good luck to the rest of you still soldiering on. I will return soon after I have written my OU essay which is already late – I don’t want to miss my extended due date.

In the meantime, read about the village I used to live in which is apparently cursed. I lived there until I was 6 so I am guessing I will be ok. For those of you who can’t be arsed to click the link (I know, I have been there), the gist is this: village of 5000 people just had it’s 6th suicide in 9 months. The comments left on the Metro website are by far the funniest part of the article (seeing as it’s about suicide which is not at all funny).

Gnosall is well known among practioners of the black arts as the gateway between this world and Hell. In order to open up the gateway a number of sacrifices have to me made to the Great Horned One.


Gnosall is well known among practioners of the dark arts. I was bought up in Gnosall and as a child I remember being warned not to go into the woods alone, although being curious I ignored those warnings until one day I saw something which even now these many years later I still find it difficult to talk about.

Blimmin’ ‘eck.

Roll on June 2008

23 11 2007

Foo Fighters

On the BBC Radio 1 website:

Get ready for one of the biggest bands in the world, coming live from one of the world’s most famous stadiums, Wembley. Radio 1 will be there to bring you all the action.

This massive gig marks Radio 1’s first show at the new Wembley Stadium. The show goes out live on Radio 1 and we’ll keep you up to date with pictures from the event on the Radio 1 website.

Due to overwhelming demand the show on Saturday 7 June has now sold out. Radio 1 can announce a second date has been added on Friday 6 June.


A desktop on your wall

22 11 2007

I love this!  I so want to do this in our study!


Found at Lifehacker.

In mourning

21 11 2007

England lost to Croatia in the Euro 08 qualifiers.  This means that we won’t be going to the European Championships finals which is frankly bloody appalling.  The match was totally painful and typical England.  We went 2-0 down and then defied the odds by scoring twice only to be caught napping with 10 minutes left to go when Croatia scored their third.  I feel rather drained.  We had our friend over to watch it which always makes a football match more of an event – chilli, beer, tortilla chips… perfect.  Shame about the actual game.  Steve McClaren better being drafting his letter of resignation…


20 11 2007


Not sure what I make of this jewelry I just saw at Geekologie which is both a pretty town landscape and a deadly weapon (although I am not sure it is meant to be the latter).

If you ask me, it just looks a bit U-G-L-Y. And potentially painful.

All sewn up

19 11 2007

Remember my patchwork quilt? Well, I never got round to showing you my finished patchwork cushions which I made to match:


I used bodged a pattern in The Impatient Patchworker which my MIL bought me for my birthday. This is the first project I made from any of the lovely craft books I got for my birthday. IN JULY! How shocking is that?! Anyway, I am pretty chuffed with the results.



Say hello to my lovely sewing machine that made making these cushions a dream. I really want to get on with my sampler quilt but I have to wait until I have made at least one present for Christmas.