She’s leaving work. Again.

2 11 2007

I have handed in my notice (which I didn’t actually have to give as I am a lowly temp) so after Friday 9th November, I will no longer be working at the Children’s Centre.  I cannot say that I am sorry to go in that I am excited to get on with the start up of a new business (I won’t go into any details just now but lets just say I am VERY excited about it and my first business trip will be to NYCeeee).  I will miss, though, some of the lovely people I have got to know whilst working there.  Also, it is the first time I have working locally in 6 years and it has really helped me get to know the town I live in.  I really must start thinking about how I can make some friends locally (mine are all so far away). 

Things I want to do this weekend:

  • buy a new cooker – soemthing like this:


  • make some Christmas gifts or at least plan the making of some Christmas gifts
  • watch some TV (naturally)
  • help sort out my new office
  • watch some more TV
  • shop for some new boots.  I am thinking about something like:


or some jazzy purple ones:





6 responses

2 11 2007
One Way

Business trips to NY? That sounds good…

2 11 2007

Those purple boots are the shiznit, but go with the brown ones. They’ll go with most anything and I’m betting they’re a lot hardier than the purple ones.

Or, hell, get both of em. I’m pretty sure business trips to NYC deserve purple boots.

2 11 2007

Purple! Buy the purple!

2 11 2007

I love the purple ones! Where are they from and can I order them over the internet? Also, good luck with your new job and that first business trip. NYC is a tall order. You’re going to need some tall boots in order to cope. In purple.

3 11 2007

I do love them both! They are from Jones the Bootmakers (they do have an online shop but havent checked where they ship to).

4 11 2007

Good for you!!! I can’t wait to hear more about this new business adventure for you. And NYC…cool beans!

Go for the purple. Be daring.

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