Fun with Imagechef

5 11 2007

Do you see my new buttons for the NaBloPoMo randomiser (that’s randomizer to you lot across the pond) and my Etsy shop?  I made them myself after discovering Imagechef.  You can make all kinds of cool logos and widgets.  Like, say I was 14 and wanted a logo to show my musical allegiance?  Well hey presto:


By the way, the Foo Fighters DO kick ass.  I may have mentioned this before.  I am going to see them tomorrow at the NEC in Birmingham.




5 responses

5 11 2007

I am completely impressed with your button making skills. I saw the randomizer one yesterday and got a little pouty that I didn’t have it.

6 11 2007

You are welcome to nab it if you want to!!!

6 11 2007

Cool. Thanks for the link.

6 11 2007
30 04 2008

your website is good

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