Goodbyes and chocolate

9 11 2007

Today was my last day at my temporary job. It was such a fantastic experience and it really opened my eyes to the realities for some sections of society that I just don’t normally have much to do with for the simple reason that I live where I live. I haven’t really talked much about what I have been doing and it is pretty irrelevant now I suppose but I will just give you a quick explanation. I have been working in a Children’s Centre which is a centre for under-5s which provides health services such as baby clinics and speech therapy, counselling services for parents, parenting courses, literacy and numeracy for parents, play activities for under 5s and their families, a disco, cookery demonstrations, toy and book libraries and story time. All for free. It is all part of an initiative to give kids a better start in life as research has shown what great disparity in opportunities there are for working class families compared to middle class families. The children are so much more likely to ‘succeed’ in life – whatever shape that success takes – if the child has these opportunities. The people who work at the centre are dedicated and battle with minimal budgets to provide a robust and effective service. I intend to carry on helping out on an ad hoc basis – for example with the staff blog I set up for them (coz, you know, I like blogs!) and also with other projects that I started and want to see through.

I will will not miss working in a child-centric environment (if that makes sense) – not because I don’t like children but because of the broody-factor. I will not miss the disorganisation of some of my ex-colleagues. But I will miss the many wonderful people who work everyday to bring change and improvement to the community. I hope I can stay in touch with some of the very special people who have been so much fun to work with. I am so tired after a hectic day of last-minute to-dos. TGIF.




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3 04 2009
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