Freddie he aint

11 11 2007

Well, the show last night was hardly ever going to live up to the original – and it really didn’t come close – but it was a good laugh and a good night out with family.  Things I wished I could tell the guy impersonating Freddie Mercury before the show:

  • the false teeth make you lisp – lose them
  • the leotard might have meant to raise a few eyebrows but dude, we had just eaten. Put on some trousers.
  • try singing some of the right notes
  • and try singing on beat
  • try warming up your crowd before making lewd comments to the men and stupid comments to the women.  Good job we are British and too polite to smack you in the face.
  • don’t. mess. with.Bohemian. Rhapsody.

This is what the official Queen B website says about Paul Jackson (the Freddie wannabe):

Paul has sung in front of Sir Paul McCartney and Sir Richard Branson. He has also performed at Wembley stadium three times! Touring around the world as Freddie Mercury with his band “Queen B” for 12 years, Paul is renowned as the top Queen tribute band in the world. … With his almost operatic voice and stage charisma he has entertained audiences throughout the world including the “University of Jerusalem” Israel.

Is that not the weirdest bunch of name dropping ever? Anyway the tunes are undeniably rockin and so we managed to have a pretty good night.




2 responses

12 11 2007

No one can ever replace Freddie *sniff*. I still love you, Freddie!! (me and every other fat bottomed girl in the world)

3 04 2009
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