A different kind of music

13 11 2007

So the Stereophonics were ace, as was to be expected.  We didn’t wait right to the end (being Monday night and all) but we did see all the best tunes so I am happy.

Music seems to be a very big part of my life right now.  I have always loved music but I definitely go through stages of listening to more stuff, more of the time.  This year, I have seen a lot of live music.  And I have just finished reading a book about music.  Well, a book about love, life and music.  Vikram Seth’s An Equal Music is moving, rich with lovely language and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 

The novel follows a violinist, Michael, who ran away from the love of his life only to regret it ever since.  A chance sighting brings him to her and their love and passion comes alive again.  I don’t want to say too much because if you haven’t read it, I would urge you to do so.  I will say, though, that as a hopeless romantic, I surprised myself that the story that moved my most and that gave me most sadness and joy, was Michael’s relationship with his Tononi, a very old and valuable violin that has been loaned to him indefinitely (which is completely the right word since he has no idea when he might have to return it; there is nothing definite about it).

http://www.spiralskies.com/has already pointed me in the direction of the CD which accompanies the book and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and I will read the book again once I have listened to the music about which Seth writes as I felt a little lost without it.  Another reason I already want to re-read it is because it took me so long to read it and it was in so many short bursts that I don’t think I did the narrative flow any favours.




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13 11 2007
One Way

Maybe you should get a job at NME, what with all these gigs you’re going to… 😉

13 11 2007

I love ‘Equal Music’ and have read it quite a few times. The prose is so delicious, that its just as enjoyable reading the second or third times after.

I am not a particular lover of classic music, but the CD is highly recommended. The second to last track would definitely make it on my Desert Island Discs…

“Sonata for violin & piano No.21 in E minor K304: Tempo di Menuetto”.

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