Helpdesk hell

16 11 2007

<grumble>Why is it so bloomin’ difficult dealing with people in call centres? Actually, that is a stupid question – I used to manage a call centre team and I know why .. the people just don’t care (or at least the vast majority of them don’t) and the ones that do are hindered by poor training, systems and management (myself not included!!). I hate to sound like a grumpy old woman but it seems like you can’t order anything or set up anything without a whole host of problems and hassle. I am so fed up with having to complain and get arsey anytime I want something done properly. I am a nice person generally so I hate having to become bitch of the week just to get someone to listen to me.</grumble>




2 responses

16 11 2007

I won’t bore you with the whole saga, but yesterday I was on the phone for more than three hours, trying to find someone at AAPT who could tell me WHY we still don’t have internet access at the office two months after we ordered it. After the first two hours I would have settled for any human being rather than the robot voice detector thingy. I nearly threw the phone through the window.

16 11 2007

I completely sympathise. I think phone and internet providers are the worst offenders. GRRR!

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