I’m still here

3 12 2007

I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, I just lost the words necessary to write a blog. It probably had something to do with the essay which was due on 16th November for which I got a 2 week extension and finally submitted yesterday. My wonderful tutor has already marked it and it was a good mark. Very good actually. I am so chuffed but slightly daunted by the fact that I have another essay now due for Friday. That’s what you get for getting an extension. I am really enjoying this course though. It is refreshing to be doing some new subjects. The course is Introduction to Humanities which means a) it’s varied and b) it’s easy (hence the good mark) – it’s only a first year level course. My first essay consisted of 4 disciplines: art history, literature, music and philosophy. Literature was the easiest simply because that is what I have been doing for the past 3 years in the other courses I have done for my degree. Art History is interesting and I think I will cope OK. Philosophy is fascinating and I cannot wait to do more. I do love to ruminate. However, I think I am going to struggle with the music part because it is so different to anything I have studied. I love listening to all kinds of music (despite what my previous post have led you to believe, I do know there is more to life than the Foo Fighters – just about). But working out all the different parts and writing about it is not as easy as I would have thought.

Anyhoo I am super glad that I did ok in my first marked assignment and despite having to get through a ton of reading, I am looking forward to tackling the next essay. Subject: Classics – The Colloseum.

Later this week, I will tell you about the Christmas decorations I am making.  Prepare to be underwhelmed.




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