4 01 2008

I should be writing an essay (due midnight tonight, word count = 0) but as is my way (which you will know by now if you have ever read my blog ever), I suck. I have not yet finished the reading and I have a lot of actual work to do (the kind that puts food on the table). I predict another anguish-heavy evening of writing something sub-par and not nearly as good as I could actually write if I, say, applied myself. This is something I talk about a lot but I really wish that one day, the work-hard fairy would come along and sprinkle me with her motivation dust.

On the bright side, I am really doing my bit for the environment with my massive conservation programme. Conservation of effort counts, right?

ps I can’t believe I have only just added a ‘slackin” category since that is how I spend most of my life.

pps.  I too am bored of my lack of motivation.  Sorry about sharing it with you AGAIN.

ppps.  It also annoys me when people write pps and ppps – it really does not mean anything.  Post post script?  Post post post script?? Argh.




One response

4 01 2008
I Wish!

You should sigh up to Tread Lighty, its a great site:

Hope you have a good xmas

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