Just checking in

23 01 2008

Well we are a few days into our holiday and we have already done Magic Kingdom, MGM Studios and Sea World.  We have also been to a Super Target which was pretty much the best thing ever.  Well it was very good anyway.  The weather has been pretty good after a bit of a shakey start.  We still have lots to do including Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, a hockey game and a shed load of more shopping.  I am already exhausted!!




5 responses

23 01 2008
One Way

I can’t believe you’re blogging whilst on holiday 😉

27 01 2008

Target rules! Missed that so much in the UK. Don’t they know they’d have a HUGE market there?!

27 01 2008
Spiral Skies

So… how was it? You too shopped out to blog now 😉


31 01 2008

Super Target! Hahahaha. Was that your first time in one?

You almost made me spew my drink all over the laptop! Bad Kate!

5 02 2008

Super Targets are pretty rad. Way better than Super Wal-Marts.

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