Cry baby

28 02 2008

I was driving home the other day and I found myself welling up while listening to Starmaker from the Kids from Fame soundtrack.  This is not unusual.  I tend to do it when I haven’t listened to it for a while. 

This is endemic of my propensity to blart, I’m afraid.  I cry quite a lot for an adult.  This particular song makes me get weepy because it reminds me of the Fame special that was shown a few years ago where some of the actors reunited and they sang this song around a piano.  Shortly after the filming of this show, the actor who played Leroy, Gene Anthony Ray, died.  Other things that can make me beal:

  • Steel Magnolias (Sally Field’s character M’Lynn has a melt-down in the graveyard after Shelby’s funeral)
  • The finale of Dawson’s Creek (dying Jen making a video for her baby)
  • and the final montage (I am such a sap)
  • When Buffy is awarded Class Protector at the prom
  • and also when Buffy’s mum dies and Anya gets upset because she doesn’t know how to grieve (being an ex-demon and all).  The whole episode is really, really sad.
  • In fact, pretty much anything where someone on TV is really crying. I can’t help but join in.  I have recently cried to One Tree Hill, Home and Away and Alias, to name a few. 
  • Being shouted at.   I just don’t like it. 
  • Onions.

Blighty shakes or Why am I always asleep for the good stuff?

27 02 2008

Earthquake felt across much of UK

So very cute.

26 02 2008

I was going to post about Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Affleck but Very Contrary and Charlie (and probably a million other bloggers) beat be to it.  Instead, how about Star Wars according to a 3 year old.

OMG Cheekaboos!

21 02 2008

When I was a little girl and my brother was a little boy, we shared a very special love of our cheekaboos. One of us had the type made in Japan and one had the type made in UK (meaning one was spongey and one was beany) but we loved them just the same. Imagine my delight to see them for sale in the Japan section of Epcot (which I missed off my list below but very much loved and enjoyed).


I must email this pic to my brother! I didn’t buy one because a) these ones aren’t called cheekaboos so are not proper and b) we still have our original ones at our parents’ house.

Orlando in review

20 02 2008

I realise that I have not said that much about my holiday.  This is not because I did not have a good time – we had a blast – but it is probably because I need to be diplomatic (it was a family holiday with lots of personalities and as such, what happened in Orlando, stays in Orlando) and also we took nearly no photos which is odd for us as we took over 1000 on our last trip.  Anyway, this is some of what we got up to:

Magic Kingdom:  Initially very exciting in a Disney kinda way and very enjoyable but essentially just a warmer Eurodisney with less French people.  We managed to pick the only busy day in January (we went on the Saturday of Martin Luther King day weekend) and this meant a lot of waiting around.  It’s a Small World is still a bit creepy but quite cute (my SIL’s comment “its all in foreign” made me laugh as the message of mulitcultural sharing and love was clearly lost on her!).  Space Mountain was really quite cool.  Big Thunder Mountain was fun.  The shops were awesome (I do love Disney shops!).  All in all, this park is really for the kids.  As we left, there was a fantastic storm.  Nature 1 – Disney 0.

Disney Hollywood Studios (aka MGM):  We had a blast here.  The Aerosmith ride was superb.  Everytime we had climbed on a ride, Rich (who has been to Orlando before) said “This goes upside down”.  It was funny.  He said it when we got It’s A Small World. He said it when we got on Pirates of the Caribbean.  You get the idea.  So when he said it on the Aerosmith Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, I naturally didn’t listen.  So when it did go upside down, I yelled (as we were actually upside down) IT REALLY DOES!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  Tower of Terror was good but too short.  Also?  The High School Musical show rocked!  Rich was more than a little embarrassed that I knew some of the words!

Animal Kingdom:  I really liked this park.  It was the most different to anything I had done before (ie Eurodisney and Universal in California).  The Mount Everst ride was excellent.  We got totally soaked (like COMPLETELY soaked) on the river rapids ride to the point that people were openly laughing at me and some college dudes actually stopped me to ask if it was really good.  The safari was ace.  And this is where I danced with Pluto.  He was in the entrance area and my 2 year old niece was having her photo taken with him.  I wanted one too because he is my favourite character (even after the chasing scandal – see video below) so I asked if I could have one and the next thing I know, we are ballroom dancing and I am dancing on air!  I still have to get a copy of the video which I may or may not share depending on how much of a tool I look.

Check out Pluto being bad.  I did not take this video! It was ages ago and you probably already heard about it.  For those of you who don’t know about it, I think the kid kicked Pluto in the delicates.

Universal Studios:  Much bigger and spread out than the LA park but lacking some of the real movie magic.  At the LA studios, they were filming National Treasure 2 while we were there which meant that when we were on the backlot tour, we were about 50 yards from Nicolas Cage eating his lunch (I guess, we didn’t see him as it was a closed set).  But the rides made up for it: The Mummy Returns (scarier than the LA one which almost backfired as we promised Rich’s parents it was a doddle thinking it was the same ride that we had been on!); ET – so cute; Men in Black – so fun.

Islands of Adventure: Even more rides including The Hulk which has the best start to a ride EVER and the Duelling Dragons which was excellent.  I really enjoyed our 2 days at these two parks.

Sea World: Shamu was a bit of a disappointment.  Does that make me a bad person?  He is a diva.  The dolphins show was absolutely brilliant.  I was sorry not to see the otters or the sea lions show but the rest of the park was pretty good fun.  The sea lion enclosure was good (we fed them fish!) but it was not as good as seeing them in the wild like we did last year!

What time is it?

18 02 2008

My dad has just got back from a business trip to the US and he bought us this superb clock:


Isn’t it cool!?

The title I just gave to this post has made me start singing the song from High School Musical 2. I am a closet HSM fan and was very excited to find out that there is a stage show tour across England. My best friend and I are booked to go to see it in July!!! What team????? WILDCATS!!!

Taking a moment

15 02 2008

This seems to happen far too often.  So scary.  So sad.