Went inside a giant golf ball, other cool stuff happened

10 02 2008

I will soon get back to blogging regularly I hope but in the meantime, enjoy this picture of Epcot’s giant ball thing which I took with my phone whilst waiting for the new Spaceship Earth ride (voiced by the delicious Dame Judi Dench).


Also I have come back from holiday hating my new blog look and wondering if I can be bothered to blog anymore at all.  I think I just need to remember why it is I blog.  So expect some more tinkering with the theme / header and some blogsoul-searching.  Just as soon as I finish this damned essay (yes, another one is due.  Gah.).




5 responses

11 02 2008

Looks great! I am in a blogging funk as well. The only reason I’m keeping it up at the moment is for Ellie. I promise to keep at it if you will!

11 02 2008

Ok looks great now? Or the first change? This is what I get for fiddling with it! I will keep at it for now. Just can’t promise it will be interesting!

11 02 2008

Ooh! I’ve been in there!

12 02 2008

OK, I originally meant the first change but I think I like the roof tops better now! Pretty!

12 02 2008

I’m impressed with your camera phone. Pics from my mobile are always sucky.

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