What time is it?

18 02 2008

My dad has just got back from a business trip to the US and he bought us this superb clock:


Isn’t it cool!?

The title I just gave to this post has made me start singing the song from High School Musical 2. I am a closet HSM fan and was very excited to find out that there is a stage show tour across England. My best friend and I are booked to go to see it in July!!! What team????? WILDCATS!!!




4 responses

18 02 2008

I’ve seen a clock similar to this before & loved it!!

I love the new blog look & had to go back and catch up on your holiday break.

18 02 2008
onewayphotoblog / Mark

Very cool clock! 😉

19 02 2008
Spiral Skies

That clock is awesome… I soooo need a clock like that… Sigh

20 02 2008

HSM??? You make me giggle! I have not watched either, although have heard some of the tunes since they show them on the Disney channel during commercials and I am a bad mum and let my kids watch telly upon occasion!

Shall I send you some HSM dolls? 😉

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