London, baby!

3 03 2008

On Friday, I went up to the Big Smoke to see my friend Zoë. We had tickets for The Sound of Music which was excellent. I have a question though. Why is it acceptable to get up for the loo 5 minutes before the interval? Is that not what the interval is for? I think it is so rude to disturb the rest of the audience and the poor performers on stage just because you don’t want to queue for the loo or the bar. It irritates me enough when it happens at a football match but at least the footballers can’t hear people getting restless. And why would you take a four year old to see a West End show?  I spend £45 on my ticket so do not really want to have to listen to a grizzly kid half way through.  AND if your obnoxious ten year old boys start making retching noises during the romantic bits, DO SOMETHING.  For effs sake!  Anyway, that aside, the show was fab. London was fab. It was nice to visit but I was glad to come home again. How on earth did I manage that everyday for 2 years?

Plus, if you visit London, go and stay near Sloane Square – it’s lovely.  I have been to London a lot but never to that area and I really liked it.  Good shops, lovely old buildings and still not too far away from the centre.  This was the view from the flat where we stayed the night (it’s great having friends with money).

And if you go to Yo Sushi, try not to eat 6 dishes.  You will regret it.  Although it was lovely just to chill out and catch up with Zoe and another friend from where I used to work, Kirsty.  Boy, I miss those lovely ladies.




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4 03 2008
onewayphotoblog / Mark

It annoys me too at the football… the seats at Southend are so tightly packed and every one thinks they will beat the burger queues by getting up 5 or 10 mins before half time! At least at SUFC they don’t miss much action!

4 03 2008
I Wish!

But if you’ve got to go, you got to go. Maybe they couldn’t hold it.

Has Summer Strallen replaced Connie Fisher yet? If so how was she?

4 03 2008

Mark: Aw how is Roots Hall – I haven’t been for years!

Si: True enough but that doesn’t excuse the people coming back with drinks!!! Summer Strallen had just started – I hadn’t realised that she was cast in Hollyoaks just to do this storyline – I thought that they had just worked it into the show when she got the part. She was actually really good – she is a bit of a seasoned West End performer by the looks of things. Her voice was faultless.

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