GTD? I would like that.

29 04 2008

OK. So today I am trying to be good and positive and productive.  My work to-do list is crazy long and my one for the house is not much better:

  • Finish shopping for anniversary present/card/paper etc for Ricardo – it is 5 years on Saturday
  • Sort out Dad’s present – his 60th is on Saturday also!
  • Clean the house.  It is a complete hole.
  • Sort out my craft corner – it is out of hand and no crafting is getting done there.
  • Study, study and more study.  I have to catch up on the reading and start writing my last essay.  I have a day school on 10th May (first one I am attending – I thought it was about time).
  • Work on my new website
  • Tackle the laundry / ironing mountain
  • Pick up dry cleaning ready for the wedding on Sunday (we have had A LOT on lately)
  • Buy some food for us to eat – our cupboards are pretty bare (and a bit grimey… need to clean house pronto)
  • Watch my stories

Phew.  Funny how no amount of reading Lifehacker or Unclutterer actually makes this list go down.  By the way, in case you were wondering what GTD means, read this.


28 04 2008

I was going to post all about my fantastic weekend but we had some very sad news today and now I’m just not in the mood. My 97 year old great auntie died a few hours ago. She was old and poorly but I am still so sad she has gone. She was strong, loyal, funny and sacrificed her chance at love to look after her sister. She was a lovely lady.


25 04 2008

I have changed my theme AGAIN but I promise this is (probably) the last time before the BIG CHANGE coming. As I mentioned before, I am working on a new site but it might be some time before it is ready and the dark background on the last theme I was using got on my nerves. Also? If the bug in the header creeps you out, let me know!!!

Happy St George’s Day!

23 04 2008

Officially the most boring of all the saint’s days (well except for St David’s Day I suppose – I KID!), today is St George’s Day.  It is also Shakespeare’s birthday and since he was born just down the road, I will raise a glass (or a cup of tea) to you, Bill.

Wedding should carry health warnings

21 04 2008

Our very good friends tied the knot on Saturday and it was superb.  I now can hardly speak and ache all over.  It may have something to with the vigorous geek dancing which I always promise myself I will not do but a few slurps of wine and a beckoning dance floor later and that promise is forgotten.  The DJ said at the end of the night “thanks for your energy”.  I should be more ashamed but well, it’s part of the package that is me so what the hell!

Anyway I promised my friend Kirsty I would show what I wore so here is the very pretty skirt which I got from Coast for the occasion:

And then with that I wore a cream bustier, also Coast:

And a cardigan:

With some matching jewellery:

And a handbag from John Lewis:

And for the shoes, I wore the ones I wore to another wedding almost 5 years ago… my own!!!

All in all, I was happy with the outfit and also with my new haircut.  It’s made me feel quite perky (well I would be perky if every muscle in m body didn’t hurt like a bitch right now).

More songs realised visually

16 04 2008

These are all over the place but there were some I hadn’t seen before (thanks Zoë!!).  So following the Rick Astley pie chart:

The Map:

The Venn Diagram:

The Bar Chart:

Another Venn Diagram

The flow chart:

And my personal favouite, the pie chart:

Let’s go to the movies…

11 04 2008

Have you ever been to an advance screening at your local cinema?  Do you imagine that it would be exciting and glamorous?  Is that just me?  Well, I was wrong.  It’s the same as going to the cinema at any other time.  How disappointing!  Anyway, we went to see 21 on Wednesday (you can read what I thought of it here).  It was aiit.  There was a trailer for The Dark Knight which is very exciting but is going to be sad to see Heath Ledger.  Ironman looks ace and the music in the trailer ROCKS.  Sex and the City – I am on the fence.  On the one hand, I am pretty excited but then I am not sure if the ship has sailed on this franchise and it is soo last season.  Incredible Hulk just looks really dumb.  Why have they made this so soon after the Eric Bana one?  Stupid.