8 04 2008

I know I am slow to catch on to this one but I resisted thinking it looked really stupid until I spent five minutes playing with it and now I am addicted!  Twitter is cool!  So do any of you twitter?  Let me know so I can follow you.  You can follow me here.




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8 04 2008

Kate, I get your blog posts as tweets on Twitter and texted to me! 🙂 I get most personal blogs that I subscribe to this way. I do it by following a second Twitter account of mine and all the blog updates are sent to that account using

Using my main Twitter account (ianonmac), I then subscribe to SMS text notifications for messages from my second Twitter account. All those messages of course are blog updates courtesy of

9 04 2008

Wow Ian, now that is a different way of doing things!

I’m new to Twitter too but I have (as part of a work-based experiment) set up SMS subscription to it. I read Twitter in the Twitteroo client because I like the UI (dislike the Twitter website massively!). I guess, to put it crudely, Twitter is a microblog.

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