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10 04 2008

Well I have been spending some time lately trying to decide how to structure my blog(s) going forward as I have a few bits and pieces here which could be updated more often. I have therefore decided to have one MEGA site with 5 (count em – FIVE) blogs split into Journal (ie my dumbass life), Books, Music, Crafts and TV/Movies. I have reserved the domain and started to build the blogs. It will be a while before I will be ready to launch and so in the meantime, this is where else you can find me.

TV stuff
Music stuff
Photos stuff (likely not to change as my phone only works with Blogger)

In other news, we had an escapee chicken in our work yard this afternoon which led to my dad and I plus the teenager from the house from where the chicken escaped running around trying to catch it. I had residual laughter afterwards for nearly 20 minutes. Working in the country sure is different to working in London!




4 responses

10 04 2008

Look forward to seeing the new development.

Chickens, of the headless variety, are common on my current workplace. 🙂

10 04 2008

Thanks Brennig! I think I worked where you work once!

15 04 2008
I Wish!
16 04 2008

Si – you just made me spit out my tea. 🙂

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