Wedding should carry health warnings

21 04 2008

Our very good friends tied the knot on Saturday and it was superb.  I now can hardly speak and ache all over.  It may have something to with the vigorous geek dancing which I always promise myself I will not do but a few slurps of wine and a beckoning dance floor later and that promise is forgotten.  The DJ said at the end of the night “thanks for your energy”.  I should be more ashamed but well, it’s part of the package that is me so what the hell!

Anyway I promised my friend Kirsty I would show what I wore so here is the very pretty skirt which I got from Coast for the occasion:

And then with that I wore a cream bustier, also Coast:

And a cardigan:

With some matching jewellery:

And a handbag from John Lewis:

And for the shoes, I wore the ones I wore to another wedding almost 5 years ago… my own!!!

All in all, I was happy with the outfit and also with my new haircut.  It’s made me feel quite perky (well I would be perky if every muscle in m body didn’t hurt like a bitch right now).




3 responses

22 04 2008

Stunning outfit! You must have felt fabulous, and that clearly showed on the dance-floor.

23 04 2008

ooooo pretty! Did you post pics of you in it in your drunken state? Errr pissed state? Errr drunkenly pissed state? 😉

23 04 2008

Limited photos of the aforementioned pissed up dancing are posted on Facebook! If you want to see and you are not my friend (although you are already Kimberly so you can see them now), let me know by contacting me using the contact form at top right.

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