Stop being so mean, ladies

16 05 2008

There has been a right old kerfuffle in the blogging community about the trademark infringement which confused the site now called Kirtsy (formerly sk*rt) with the super brilliant magazine for women, skirt!. I have no issue with Kirtsy – the site seems to be full of lifestyle links aimed at women. But I was a bit disheartened to read the slamming of the skirt! magazine for their defence (quite rightly) of their brand. To prove the point, I had seen a Sk*rt button on the blog of one of Kirtsy’s editors but had ignored it, thinking it was related to skirt! And since I already had that wonderful site bookmarked, I did not see the need to click through. In fact, it is only with the kerfuffle that I even visited the Kirtsy site so instead of complaining, they ought to be glad of the publicity! The reason I was so disheartened about all the negativity and nastiness is that this crap came predominantly from women, the very women who the skirt! magazine aims to support and celebrate. There is already enough crap out there without the blogging community adding to it with this ill-informed slamming. Its actually a bit embarrassing reading the comments. I think they need to get a little perspective.

I am writing this because Aleigh, one of skirt!‘s editors, asked any fans of the magazine to blog about why they love skirt!. So here goes:

I love skirt! because the articles are well-written, witty, informative, thought-provoking and varied. I love skirt! because there are precious few sites that cater for women’s intellectual needs, not just their needs for buying cool shit. I love skirt! because it gives me insight into other communities and lives. I love skirt! because it inspires me. I love skirt! because I feel part of a community in its own right, even though I live far away. I wish there was a skirt! Warwick or a skirt! UK for that matter! Go and check it out if you haven’t done so already.




2 responses

16 05 2008

Thank you! So glad you feel the same way I do about skirt!

Maybe someday we’ll make the leap across the pond for a UK-based skirt!…

4 06 2008

This is why the site changed its name? I had no idea!

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