Champions again

22 05 2008

I know this is really boring if you don’t like football or don’t even know who this team is but I am so happy that Manchester United won the Champions League (10 days after winning the Premiership).   I will admit I cried.  I haven’t cried at a game we have won since the last time we won it

Can I just say as well that it was VERY close.  I have never supported a team that has won on penalties before, so I was not optimistic.  I do feel bad for John Terry who is the only Chelsea player I actually think is OK.  He fell over.  This still made me chortle though (thanks Si! sorry JT).

I am completely in love with all our players today.

Vidic and Rooney a few weeks ago.

Evra and Giggs last night.

And Cristiano coming out of the Lowry Hotel in Manchester the other day.  He should wear a cap always.  Or just get a hair cut, because, seriously.  The hair is awful.  Thanks to for the pics.




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