London, baby!

3 03 2008

On Friday, I went up to the Big Smoke to see my friend Zoë. We had tickets for The Sound of Music which was excellent. I have a question though. Why is it acceptable to get up for the loo 5 minutes before the interval? Is that not what the interval is for? I think it is so rude to disturb the rest of the audience and the poor performers on stage just because you don’t want to queue for the loo or the bar. It irritates me enough when it happens at a football match but at least the footballers can’t hear people getting restless. And why would you take a four year old to see a West End show?  I spend £45 on my ticket so do not really want to have to listen to a grizzly kid half way through.  AND if your obnoxious ten year old boys start making retching noises during the romantic bits, DO SOMETHING.  For effs sake!  Anyway, that aside, the show was fab. London was fab. It was nice to visit but I was glad to come home again. How on earth did I manage that everyday for 2 years?

Plus, if you visit London, go and stay near Sloane Square – it’s lovely.  I have been to London a lot but never to that area and I really liked it.  Good shops, lovely old buildings and still not too far away from the centre.  This was the view from the flat where we stayed the night (it’s great having friends with money).

And if you go to Yo Sushi, try not to eat 6 dishes.  You will regret it.  Although it was lovely just to chill out and catch up with Zoe and another friend from where I used to work, Kirsty.  Boy, I miss those lovely ladies.

I would like to know…

10 09 2007
  • Why do burns from an iron hurts so much?  The contact must have been mere milliseconds and yet layer upon layer of skin has been melted.  It really doesn’t make me like the chore any more…
  • Will I ever be able to watch a programme about 9/11 without crying?  Should I?
  • How many TV shows series-linked on Sky + is too many?
  • When will my good intentions vis a vis exercise and diet start to materialise into something a little less theoretical and a little more effective (perhaps this question needs to be answered in conjunction with the previous question)?
  • Why aren’t I in Italy with my parents enjoying the sun, the Alps and the fine cuisine?
  • Why do people who buy stuff on ebay complain about the postage cost?  Don’t bid if you don’t like it, fools.
  • Will England qualify for Euro 08?  If they carry on playing like they did on Saturday we have a chance…
  • How many more shows can I get my MIL addicted to?  Alias?  Check.  24?  Check.  I don’t think Buffy or Dawson’s Creek will be her thing, alas.
  • What will I make with the lovely Laura Ashley fabric in my stash?
  • Will I be good and do the ironing and housework after work tomorrow as planned or will I be distracted by my Real Simple magazine which I have managed to get ordered at the newsagents in town and will be picking up on my way home?
  • How can the weekend be over already?

Little angel

31 08 2007

Conversation between me and a four-year-old yesterday:

Me (in a cheery tone): Hello there!  How are you?

Girl (with barely veiled disgust): You’re almost fat.

These the sort of stories you were thinking of, Emily?

Post #201

17 07 2007

I had intended to post this for my 200th post but instead some pop sock frivolity got in the way.   Anyway, I thought that I would share with you some of my favourite posts from my archives:

My cute positivity at the start of my personal trainer training attempt

My total utter failure at training

My five things 

Some poetry from my Creative Writing course about my ex-best friend who I fell out with and have never spoken to since after 12 years of friendship

and of course some monkey pictures


Lovely lazy list

11 04 2007

I am thinking in bullet points at the moment so to keep you up-to-date with what’s new in my world:

  • holiday is BOOKED!  Flight to San Francisco, drive down the coast then over to Vegas.  We go in less than 5 weeks.  eek.
  • strangely addicted to a shoot em up game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl.  I rarely play games on account of my total ineptitude but I seem to be ok with pc games.  Ricardo thinks it is funny when I play because I FREAK OUT everytime I get shot at or surprised by anything.  I literally jump out of my skin.  He even took a picture to show me how red I went the last time it happened but ‘alas’ the photo did not come out.
  • quilt top is almost finished which means I have to start thinking about the scary quilting part – good job I have the slightest idea what I am doing…
  • Easter was fun and relaxing.  Weather was warm.  BBQ was had.  It’s amazing how good it feels to have two bank holidays.
  • another essay looms – this is the penultimate with the next one due just after I go away on hols so I better get cracking so I can get them both done and out of the way.  I haven’t even started to think about revising for the exam in June.  It makes me feel a bit queasy.
  • work = SSDD
  • finished reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austen.  Very much enjoyed it although Fanny Price needs a slap at times.  I also felt the denouement was very rushed and I felt kind of cheated to have no dialogue with declarations of love.  Plus they are cousins which skeeves me out.  But I do love Austen.
  • watched the entire Spaced series (seasons 1 and 2) over the weekend and LOVED IT.  It is very funny and the actors/writers Jessica Stevenson and Simon Pegg are adorable.  I still have a few extras left to watch (which I am saving for when I need cheering up!).  Fully intend to trawl the website when I have a spare mo.
  • have started a kinda diet to try to shed some bulk before our trip.  I think I might get kicked out of California for looking like I do.
  • went down the driving range for the first time for about 2 years.  Was pleasantly surprised I could still hit a ball.  Might venture out onto an easy 9 hole course soon.
  • am still listening to Daughtry over and over.  It is getting to be a bit of a worry…


Dish of the Day

8 01 2007

Working in London has its advantages: good shops, lovely buildings, erm… the dosh.  But it has its down-sides too.  If you have the commute that I have together with acute lazy-itis like I have, making lunch at home is not an option.  This means you spend a collosal amount of money on lunch and end up buying things that are bad for you, because healthy food is even more expensive and/or not that apetitising.  So my co-worker and I decided to get together, take advantage of our lovely new kitchen which its large fridge, and start making our own breakfasts and lunches at work.  We are on week 2 and have just been for our weekly shop at the supermarket.  Our menu for the week looks like this:


Our aims are to save money and lose weight as we are eating much healthier.  We have already spent just £11 each for a weeks worth of food.  That would not even cover me for two days of breakfast and lunch usually.  It will be interesting to see if we can make it to Week 3!  Now, I just need to start thinking about exercising again….

Mid-week catch up

22 11 2006

I am glad it is already halfway through the week.  Not for any reason other than I much prefer Saturdays and Sundays to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.  Can you guess why?!

In home news, I have decided that we need a cleaner again, preferably one that actually cleans.  And turns up.  You know, the basics.  I also want help with ironing and other odd jobs so I have emailed this company called 25th Hour which help with all kinds of jobs around the house for busy people.  It is actually my ideal job – I would love to run a little concierge-service company but whilst I have my actual job, I don’t have time for the small stuff.  I also desperately need to get to the doctors because a) my smear is a year overdue (euw – sorry) and b) my shoulder is still painful.  I think I originally hurt it travelling on the tube (by clinging to the rail while the train lurches).  The injury was exacerbated by falling down the stairs (I tried to slow my fall by grabbing the bannisters).  I have finally got round to filling in my registration forms for the doctors’ surgery.  I just need to drop them off there so that I can make an appointment or two. 

This weekend is going to be a challenge NaBloPoMo-wise as I am going to be a bridesmaid at my friend’s wedding.  I am warning you in advance that my post for Saturday will be short, possibly via Flickr, and maybe just after midnight if I can get connected to the internet in my hotel room.  Apologies in advance.  I can pretty much guarantee there will be no Word of the Day.  I think you will live.

I haven’t mentioned Mr Motivator for a while and there is a reason.  Due to various reasons that I can’t go into, I have decided to bin Mr Motivator for the time being.  I sent him the most honest email I have ever sent to him and asked if we could postpone our sessions until the new year.  When I took a look at the things that were sucking up my time, he was the only thing I can afford to lose.  I have to work. No way round that.  And I have to carry on with OU for my future.  So no more lying about exercising.  I do actually want to keep doing some exercise but at least the pressure is off for the time being and I don’t have the weekly dread that I am not going to cope with Mr Motivators sessions.

Speaking of OU, I have just got back my first assignment for my new course (U210 English Language: Past, Present and Future).  I was really annoyed with myself when I submitted it because I had really found it difficult to write the essay and I truly expected to get a very low mark.  I almost didn’t submit the essay at all, instead taking a substitution mark, but I thought that if I was going to do that, then any mark I received would help.  I ended up getting 68%, with which I am delighted.  I want to try to get the next essay done well ahead of time so that I don’t have to put myself through the stress of driving over to Coventry on the day of the deadline to post it through my tutor’s door like the total loser that I am.