GTD? I would like that.

29 04 2008

OK. So today I am trying to be good and positive and productive.  My work to-do list is crazy long and my one for the house is not much better:

  • Finish shopping for anniversary present/card/paper etc for Ricardo – it is 5 years on Saturday
  • Sort out Dad’s present – his 60th is on Saturday also!
  • Clean the house.  It is a complete hole.
  • Sort out my craft corner – it is out of hand and no crafting is getting done there.
  • Study, study and more study.  I have to catch up on the reading and start writing my last essay.  I have a day school on 10th May (first one I am attending – I thought it was about time).
  • Work on my new website
  • Tackle the laundry / ironing mountain
  • Pick up dry cleaning ready for the wedding on Sunday (we have had A LOT on lately)
  • Buy some food for us to eat – our cupboards are pretty bare (and a bit grimey… need to clean house pronto)
  • Watch my stories

Phew.  Funny how no amount of reading Lifehacker or Unclutterer actually makes this list go down.  By the way, in case you were wondering what GTD means, read this.


New things in 2007 – update!

5 01 2008

So this is what I managed to do. I was aiming for 50 new things but apparently I am quite dull. In 2007, I have:

  1. Felt the testicles of a ram (what a start!!).
  2. Made pottery on a hen weekend.
  3. Learned some new phrases.
  4. Visited Ireland.
  5. Walked on The Burren.
  6. Drank Guinness in a Irish Pub in Ireland.
  7. Started to make a patchwork quilt. I was going to wait until I had finished to add it but it’s been ages since I had done something new.
  8. Skipped an essay. Nowt to be proud of, to be sure, but it is something new for me.
  9. Been to a Hobbycraft and Sewing for Pleasure fair – everyone at work mocked me but who cares.
  10. Seen the Pacific Ocean.
  11. Traveled on a cable car in San Francisco.
  12. Stayed in a yurt.
  13. Driven down Mullholland Drive and saw the Hollywood sign.
  14. Been horse riding in Arizona.
  15. Flown into the Grand Canyon in a helicopter.
  16. Gambled in Las Vegas (only $4 or so but it still counts as a new thing).
  17. Played with my new MacBook. I still think I am PC deep down but it is nice to have a new toy!
  18. Wandered around the Leamington Peace Festival.
  19. Played Buzz on the PS3 – so much fun!
  20. Met a blog friend in the flesh.
  21. Tried Miso Soup at last!! It is delicious (if it’s from the right place).
  22. Finished my first mini-quilt. This may seem like duplication (see number 4) but a) it was not the same quilt – that one is a patchwork larger quilt and b) it is not finishedit is now!!
  23. Been to see a concert at the O2 arena (which used to be the Millenium Dome).
  24. Learned basic HTML (like how to do page breaks and add links without the aid of a safety net!)
  25. Met a MySpace friend in the flesh.
  26. Worked part-time. This is the life! A 30-hour week may sound like it is almost full-time but wow! It is good having some spare hours in the day.
  27. Made a Jack O Lantern for Halloween.
  28. Made Spicy Toasted Pumpkin seeds.
  29. Made cushion covers using one of my new craft books The Impatient Patchworker.
  30. Eaten a delicious Sardinian Fish Stew at a lovely pub, The Oxford Arms.
  31. Subscribed to Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple magazines.
  32. Been to see Foo Fighters at NEC Arena. (Full disclosure: First time seeing them there).
  33. Seen Queen tribute band Queen B.
  34. Worked at a Children’s Centre.
  35. Handmade a Christmas decoration.
  36. Read lots of new books.
  37. Driven a company car (of sorts).
  38. Cooked a turkey dinner.  I did it on Boxing Day for my family and it ROCKED.  I didn’t ruin it which was a major shock.

I will be keeping a new list for 2008 simply called ‘New Things’.

A desktop on your wall

22 11 2007

I love this!  I so want to do this in our study!


Found at Lifehacker.

She’s leaving work. Again.

2 11 2007

I have handed in my notice (which I didn’t actually have to give as I am a lowly temp) so after Friday 9th November, I will no longer be working at the Children’s Centre.  I cannot say that I am sorry to go in that I am excited to get on with the start up of a new business (I won’t go into any details just now but lets just say I am VERY excited about it and my first business trip will be to NYCeeee).  I will miss, though, some of the lovely people I have got to know whilst working there.  Also, it is the first time I have working locally in 6 years and it has really helped me get to know the town I live in.  I really must start thinking about how I can make some friends locally (mine are all so far away). 

Things I want to do this weekend:

  • buy a new cooker – soemthing like this:


  • make some Christmas gifts or at least plan the making of some Christmas gifts
  • watch some TV (naturally)
  • help sort out my new office
  • watch some more TV
  • shop for some new boots.  I am thinking about something like:


or some jazzy purple ones:


Getting ready for All Hallows Eve

18 10 2007

With the whole of Britain determined to ignore Halloween, this year I am determined to make the most of it. I have even bought decorations! Check out these fabulous candles:


And this cute little ghost light for the windowsill:


And on the day itself, Rich and I will drink our mulled wine and mead (or wine and lager) from these beautiful (plastic) receptacles:


Aren’t they just the best?! These were from Asda (first time we have been for years and we managed to buy all this great stuff!). I was tipped off about the goblets by a lovely new colleague.


Blog action day

15 10 2007

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

The day is nearly over for me but I wanted to post something as this is such an important issue.  I don’t do enough to help the environment. I know this. But this post is about what I DO do:

  • I think about the environment everyday whether it is recycling a bottle or turning off a light switch
  • We have just switched to using reusable bags for our weekly/fortnightly grocery shop. This has taken far too long but at last we won’t have dozens of plastic bags every time we shop.
  • The standby button has been banished – TVs are turned off when they aren’t being watched as are all other electronic equipment.
  • Clothes that don’t fit are either donated, recycled or if the fabric is lovely, put in my fabric box ready to be made into a gift r some other crafty thing.
  • We recycle everything we can: glass, plastic, paper/card, tins
  • We have a compost bin to recycle suitable food waste into compost to feed our garden
  • I think about how beautiful the world is

It’s not much but it’s a step in the right direction.

Craft catch-up

15 10 2007

It’s been a while since I have told you about my crafty pursuits which is mostly because I have not really done fat lot lately. What I have done, though, is finish the miniquilt for Fenicle (here is a sneak peek – I don’t want to ruin the surprise by posting a full piccie until she has received it):


I have also finally dug out those cushions I was talking about. Remember my patchwork quilt? These will eventually match the quilt. That is once I fix my mistakes. I used a pattern from Amy’s book but cocked up the measurements as I had to adjust the size to fit my large cushions. Since then they have been shoved away in my fabric box but they are now next to my machine which is the next step (Step 1: get the pieces out of the box; Step 2: put by machine; Step 3: sew and finish to make them look brill).


(click for more pics)

I found some more lovely Laura Ashley material on sale (£5 for 1.2 metres which is not bad considering it was £22 a metre full price) – I have yet to decide what to make with it but I am thinking Christmas present for Mum of some description (shhh in case she is reading!).