28 08 2007

I started a temporary job as an admin manager today at a local children’s centre.  I am not sure how long I will be there but it means that whilst I am waiting for other things to sort themselves out, I have something meaningful and interesting to do.  When I registered with the agency, I expected filing or reception work to be the best on offer so I was delighted that I was able to apply for (and get) something a bit more challenging and altruistic.


Oh and Monkey and Homer share some down time…


Post #201

17 07 2007

I had intended to post this for my 200th post but instead some pop sock frivolity got in the way.   Anyway, I thought that I would share with you some of my favourite posts from my archives:

My cute positivity at the start of my personal trainer training attempt

My total utter failure at training

My five things 

Some poetry from my Creative Writing course about my ex-best friend who I fell out with and have never spoken to since after 12 years of friendship

and of course some monkey pictures


Someone’s been doing overtime again!

10 07 2007

I came home to find a builder sitting on the stairs.  He sure was thirsty.


But he managed a little smile.


Such penetrating eyes…

Monkey Magic

27 04 2007

I was home alone again last night while ricardo had an overnight business trip.  Monkey welcomed me home…


Note the chinese take-away menu, the PS3 controller, the DVDs… I think this is classed as ‘licence to do bugger all’.  The ironing, filing and other chores that need doing did not get done.  I checked upstairs and found…


I couldn’t help but take a few more photos


And then when I got them together, that’s when the magic happened…


This is my favourite shot:


Reason #326 why I love ricardo

11 04 2007

He is doing overtime tonight so he is not there to pick me up from the station like usual. And he will be late home – probably well after I have gone to bed. So what does he leave on the bed for me?


That’s right. Monkey with the DVD remote control. He certainly knows the way to my heart!


I mean, who could not love those eyes, that smile?