2 07 2007


I have finally sorted our our holiday photos. I have managed to get over 800 photos down to just (!) 421 pics – go have a look if you have an hour to spare!!!


Just a taster…

27 05 2007

The open road


She’s taking pictures again

26 03 2007

My work colleagues think I have gone mad (well, madder) since I have started whipping out my phone to take photos at every opportunity. But I keep thinking how cool it is that I work where I work, how it’s the best thing about working where I do (except for the people) and one day (hopefully in the not too distant future), I wont see the beautiful buildings every day. So expect to see more roving photos in the coming weeks, such as “Views from my window” and “Thames and the Tower of London” and “Lloyds of London from Cornhill” etc. etc.

In the meantime these will have to do. Every morning, I step out of Bank tube station in the City (the Square Mile, the financial centre of London) and I am greeted by this beautiful building:


The Royal Exchange

And then if I turn my head to the left:


The Bank of England

At lunchtime, I cross the street which my office is on and I walk through Leadenhall Market:


Working in London has it’s downsides (pollution, tube travel, terrorism, pricey lunches) but it sure is pretty.


22 03 2007


This is my sewing machine.  It was given to me by the mum when she bought herself a new one about 10 years ago.  It was her 21st birthday present which makes it 40 years old.  It looks fantastic, and the stitches are still pretty great provided you don’t ask too much of it.  I have no idea how to change the tension (although I know this function has become temperamental so I am a bit scared to fiddle with anything).

I have been getting advice from the very lovely Kirsten at two lime leaves about buying a new machine which I am absolutely going to do as soon as I can afford it.  In the meantime, I doubt I will risk my quiltbaby on this old girl.  She will probably cope fine but I would hate to ruin my first quilt or break the machine as both are equally precious.

Story so far

20 03 2007

As promised, here are some little pictures of my quilt. Apologies for the poor quality – I still need to learn how to use our new camera.


This one of the bundles of joy that inspired me to start making the quilt. I just loved how the colours looked together and the cute floral fabric.


And this is how far I have got so far. It is a happy accident that the fabric looks so good on our futon (I have now found where I will put it once it is finished). I am completely making it up as I go. EEEK!

Adventures with a camera phone

12 03 2007

On Friday I got took a couple of snaps with my camera phone which I have never actually used before properly.

My colleague and I went to lunch a Yo Sushi near St Paul’s Cathedral (about 10 minutes walk from my office)…


On the way back we tittered at an amusing window dressing…


Then my very own mangeek husband sent me a picture of his new heatsink. So I outgeeked him by adding it as my desktop pic…