14 05 2008

I just had an email asking me to moderate the following comment. I *think* it may be spam:

outthwack untraveled pachyhematous oppositiflorous bitterness linnet trunkmaker juletta

Make any sense to you? Why are these people not sucked into hell already for WASTING MY TIME. Now about that essay I should be writing…


Expensive forgetfulness

26 03 2008

I must be getting old – I didn’t get any Easter eggs this year!  But all in all it was a good Easter weekend.  We are lucky in the UK and get two bank holidays (good Friday and Easter Monday).  So as not to monkey with tradition, Rich and I started decorating our house (because what else are you meant to do with a 4 day weekend? This is sarcasm.)  We desperately needed to elimiate the ghastly red in our kitchen so we put 3 coats of white base coat and the first coat of the colour we had chosen only to realise it looked like ass with our kitchen cupboards.  So then we had to paint two more coats of a better, nices, less ass-like colour.  We now have all the woodwork to do (which is always a pain in the bum) so hopefully by the weekend we will be all done. 

In other news, I managed to leave my hand-luggage at Sofia airport (between security and the plane) – it’s a long story which basically involves me being a ‘tard.  I realised as soon as I got on the plane.  The air stewardess even ran back to the gate to see if she could see but she couldm’t.  The Bulgarian ground staff apparently found it straight away after that but it was too late to get it to me.  I didn’t know this though so there were some angry, hot, silent tears whilst we waited to take off which were the manifestation of my complete inane stupidity (a completely necessary pleonasm).  Anyway, the upshot was that British Airways in Sofia would not send it to me or to Heathrow.  They would only allow me to have it collected.  Now, I do not have a ton of friends or contacts in Sofia so this was a bit of a problem.  Luckily, I stayed at a nice hotel.  After speaking to the even nicer lady on reception, I managed to get them to pick up the bag for me (they provide a transfer service to and from the airport so they picked it up on their next trip out there) and then they very kindly contacted various couriers, provided me with quotes, checked the contents of the bag for the courier (euw laundry, sorry, nice hotel lady), emailed me every step of the way, took payment from me by credit card on behalf of the courier (but did not charge me a bean extra for all the kerfuffle) and yesterday organised the courier to pick up my bag. 

It arrived by Fedex this morning.  I am SOOOO happy.  The bag itself was a Christmas present from my parents.  Inside, there was a £300 suit (the only posh suit I own) which is now not available and other personal bits and pieces.  I had insurance but once it was found by BA, the insurance company would not pay out or help towards the cost of sending it home (£134 in case you are interested – I think that’s a bargain!).  I just sent a bunch of flowers to the lovely lady Elena who works at the hotel, Grand Hotel Sofia.  If you ever stay in Sofia, PLEASE stay at the Grand Hotel Sofia.  And give Elena a big kiss from me.  She is probably gorgeous as all Bulgarian women are.

London, baby!

3 03 2008

On Friday, I went up to the Big Smoke to see my friend Zoë. We had tickets for The Sound of Music which was excellent. I have a question though. Why is it acceptable to get up for the loo 5 minutes before the interval? Is that not what the interval is for? I think it is so rude to disturb the rest of the audience and the poor performers on stage just because you don’t want to queue for the loo or the bar. It irritates me enough when it happens at a football match but at least the footballers can’t hear people getting restless. And why would you take a four year old to see a West End show?  I spend £45 on my ticket so do not really want to have to listen to a grizzly kid half way through.  AND if your obnoxious ten year old boys start making retching noises during the romantic bits, DO SOMETHING.  For effs sake!  Anyway, that aside, the show was fab. London was fab. It was nice to visit but I was glad to come home again. How on earth did I manage that everyday for 2 years?

Plus, if you visit London, go and stay near Sloane Square – it’s lovely.  I have been to London a lot but never to that area and I really liked it.  Good shops, lovely old buildings and still not too far away from the centre.  This was the view from the flat where we stayed the night (it’s great having friends with money).

And if you go to Yo Sushi, try not to eat 6 dishes.  You will regret it.  Although it was lovely just to chill out and catch up with Zoe and another friend from where I used to work, Kirsty.  Boy, I miss those lovely ladies.

In mourning

21 11 2007

England lost to Croatia in the Euro 08 qualifiers.  This means that we won’t be going to the European Championships finals which is frankly bloody appalling.  The match was totally painful and typical England.  We went 2-0 down and then defied the odds by scoring twice only to be caught napping with 10 minutes left to go when Croatia scored their third.  I feel rather drained.  We had our friend over to watch it which always makes a football match more of an event – chilli, beer, tortilla chips… perfect.  Shame about the actual game.  Steve McClaren better being drafting his letter of resignation…

Helpdesk hell

16 11 2007

<grumble>Why is it so bloomin’ difficult dealing with people in call centres? Actually, that is a stupid question – I used to manage a call centre team and I know why .. the people just don’t care (or at least the vast majority of them don’t) and the ones that do are hindered by poor training, systems and management (myself not included!!). I hate to sound like a grumpy old woman but it seems like you can’t order anything or set up anything without a whole host of problems and hassle. I am so fed up with having to complain and get arsey anytime I want something done properly. I am a nice person generally so I hate having to become bitch of the week just to get someone to listen to me.</grumble>

This I know

25 09 2007
  • The Foo Fighters’ new album kicks ass. And the video for The Pretender gives me goosebumps. My love affair with Dave Grohl continues.
  • Forgetting people’s birthdays is rubbish and crap and I am sorry, Kirsty!  I even have a fancy new birthday book to help me remember.
  • Online food shopping is FAR superior to the kind where you have to walk around a supermarket with a trolley for an hour with screaming kids and people who don’t look where they are going. I am going to do an online shop after this post to avoid the latter.
  • Aqualung‘s Brighter than Sunshine (heard by me on the soundtrack to A Lot Like Love) makes me happy.
  • Passport photos are destined to make me look hideous, fat-headed and stupid. It is a conspiracy to make the whole customs experience even worse.
  • Jacket potato with baked beans and a little grated cheese is YUM. Gourmet? Hell no. But YUM.

Mighty my arse

20 06 2007

I am in a fab mood today but there is something I simply must get off my chest that has been annoying me.

Back in March, I bought Maggie Mason’s book No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog directly from her blog using PayPal. When I ordered it, it clearly stated that they accepted orders internationally. Other than the PayPal receipt I have heard nothing else. I have emailed Ms Mason numerous times but had no indication that the book has been sent. She hasn’t even replied to my emails. Now, I used to be a faithful reader of her blog but have now unsubscribed as I get really annoyed reading about all the crap she has been doing rather than answering a short email. She has also since stopped delivering internationally because of all the problems she has had.

If the book had gone missing in the post, I would have understood. I wouldn’t even have expected a refund if she could show she had posted it. But I heard nothing. I have contacted PayPal who informed me its is too late to do anything and anyway, only Ebay purchases are protected. I have tried one more time today to emai Mason. I do not expect to get a reply:

Dear Ms Mason

I am terribly disappointed to have heard nothing from you whatsoever since I made the below purchase. I have emailed several times (cc’ing the email address contained in the PayPal receipt) to no avail.

I can only assume that you have no interest in your readers or customers.

I do not expect to hear from you. However, should you decide to contact me, I would be grateful if you could simply confirm that you have posted the item ordered.

I do not expect a refund. I would just like a reply to my email.


I am annoyed a) because I think it is just rude to ignore someone who was trying to buy something you are selling (and for which you have pocketed the money) and b) I still want the book but cannot buy it now out of principle.

It is funny how the blogosphere changes things. If this was just a normal online purchase, I would have let it go. Because it is someone who I read about, I feel it’s personal.