The Man Oscars

23 05 2008

It has been sometime since I last considered my list. Since it is a popular hit on my blog (people would rather look at pictures of pretty men than read the crap I come out with apparently), I thought I would have another look. I am changing things up though and this time I am picking winners in five different categories. Oh and I will also mention the runners-up so you know how hard it was to make my choice! I have spent WAY too much time on this. Also, I found it really hard to find pics which truly showed off the awesomeness of the guys I chose. I like to think this is because I like them for their 3-D versions more than just their pretty looks. Or it could be because I am one plane ticket away from being a professional stalker.

Best on TV (past):
Michael Vartan as Agent Vaughn (Alias)

For all the wrinkle-brow concern.  For the shoot-em-beat-em holster-wearing goodness.  For coming back from the dead, simply because we demanded it.  And don’t even get me started on when he speaks his mother tongue.

Runners up:

Bradley Cooper as Will Tippin (Alias)
Michael Weatherly as Logan Cale (Dark Angel)
David Boreanaz as Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel)
Bryan Greenberg as Jake Jagielski (One Tree Hill)

Best on TV (present):
John Krasinski as Jim Halpert (The Office, An American Workplace)

Sure, he doesn’t have the Davidoff beach bod of Sawyer or the grufty ruggedness of Jack but the Lost boys lose out to John everytime.  We really mean it when we say sense of humour is important. 

Josh Holloway as Sawyer/James Ford (Lost)
Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard (Lost)
David Boreanaz as Seeley Booth (Bones)
Zachary Levi as Chuck (Chuck)

Best in Music:
Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)

No-one comes close in this category.  He is ultra-talented, the essence of cool and as I keep telling my husband, I just wish he were our friend.  His voice is yum.

Runners up:

Chris Cornell (Soundgarden / Audioslave)
Justin Timberlake

Best in Film:
Christian Bale

A shameful omission from my previous list and the only Brit in attendance, Christian is hot and deep.  Very talented and also plays a superhero.  I do have a thing for Superheroes.  Don’t tell the feminist inside me.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson
Josh Lucas
Johnny Depp
Brandon Routh

And in the They Haven’t Made The Cut But They Are Really Rather Charming category:

Joshua Jackson
Matthew Settle
Lee Pace
James Denton
James Tupper
Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine!)
Tom Welling
Karl Urban
Ryan Egghold
Danny Masterson (in That 70s Show – it’s the sideburns!)

And finally, Best in real life (Lifetime Achievement Award):

Ricardo. No Runners- Up.


How times have changed

3 05 2008

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe it has already been five years – time flies when you’re having fun, I suppose!  Here’s a couple of photos from our big day:

You will have to excuse the quality – our wedding was pre-widespread digital photography use!! Can you believe that?!  Our official wedding photos were digital but we weren’t given digital copies, so these are scans of ones taken by friends or captures from our wedding DVD.

My cousin very kindly sent me some marital advice, which as someone about to get married herself, I hope she heeds (click for a larger view):

GTD? I would like that.

29 04 2008

OK. So today I am trying to be good and positive and productive.  My work to-do list is crazy long and my one for the house is not much better:

  • Finish shopping for anniversary present/card/paper etc for Ricardo – it is 5 years on Saturday
  • Sort out Dad’s present – his 60th is on Saturday also!
  • Clean the house.  It is a complete hole.
  • Sort out my craft corner – it is out of hand and no crafting is getting done there.
  • Study, study and more study.  I have to catch up on the reading and start writing my last essay.  I have a day school on 10th May (first one I am attending – I thought it was about time).
  • Work on my new website
  • Tackle the laundry / ironing mountain
  • Pick up dry cleaning ready for the wedding on Sunday (we have had A LOT on lately)
  • Buy some food for us to eat – our cupboards are pretty bare (and a bit grimey… need to clean house pronto)
  • Watch my stories

Phew.  Funny how no amount of reading Lifehacker or Unclutterer actually makes this list go down.  By the way, in case you were wondering what GTD means, read this.

What’s in a name

6 11 2007

I have been tagged by Charlotte for meme. I do love me a good meme so here goes:

List one fact, word or tidbit that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your first or middle name. You can theme it to your blog or make it general. Then tag one person for each letter of your name.

K: Kevin. He is my brother and I adore him. He is funny, clever, incredibly special and a complete giggle. He is not always happy though. I wish I could change that.

A: Alexandra. This is my middle name. I have always loved my name – when I was a little girl it seemed like an awfully long name but I think I have grown into it. Also, names beginning with A is a family tradition.

T: Teacher. This is what I would like to be someday. I have no idea if this will ever happen but even if I don’t have a career in teaching, I hope that I will be a teacher to my future children.

H: Happy. I am more happy than I am not, for which I am very grateful. Happiness is elusive, abstract, ethereal and yet totally within anyone’s grasp. It’s strange that it is usually easier to be unhappy than it is to be happy.

R: Richard. My husband did something yesterday that made me insanely happy. He told me my new cushions that I just made looked Cath Kidson-y (what a compliment!) . He also did something else which I can’t remember which really bugs me but it just goes to show how easy it is to forget all the super duper little things that he does to show me he loves me. I love him too, you know.

Y. Yawn. I love sleep. I love my bed. I love lying in. I love snoozing.

N. Nachos. I am crazy about Mexican food and I hate that it is so bad for you. Nachos smothered in refried beans, melted cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole and jalapenos are my idea of heaven.

Ok I am now meant to tag the same number of people as I have letters in my name (is that a sentence that makes sense?):





two lime leaves

kidkate (although you *may* be too must what with the new baby and the relocation!)


and anyone else that wants to play!

Blending in with the pros

15 08 2007

Look where I am going tomorrow. Ricardo entered me for a competition and I won two tickets!! I am going with Mum.


And then I promise a post about something other than crafty-nonsense. For instance, I will be able to tell you all about V2007 as we are going on Friday. Three nights in a soggy field at my age with a load of long-haired beared up students? Perfectly sensible. You never know, I might bump into my boyfriend. He is on my list, after all. Anyway, there’s still a bit of rock and roll in the old girl yet. Now where did I leave my winnebago…

Post #201

17 07 2007

I had intended to post this for my 200th post but instead some pop sock frivolity got in the way.   Anyway, I thought that I would share with you some of my favourite posts from my archives:

My cute positivity at the start of my personal trainer training attempt

My total utter failure at training

My five things 

Some poetry from my Creative Writing course about my ex-best friend who I fell out with and have never spoken to since after 12 years of friendship

and of course some monkey pictures


Monkey Magic

27 04 2007

I was home alone again last night while ricardo had an overnight business trip.  Monkey welcomed me home…


Note the chinese take-away menu, the PS3 controller, the DVDs… I think this is classed as ‘licence to do bugger all’.  The ironing, filing and other chores that need doing did not get done.  I checked upstairs and found…


I couldn’t help but take a few more photos


And then when I got them together, that’s when the magic happened…


This is my favourite shot: