Champions again

22 05 2008

I know this is really boring if you don’t like football or don’t even know who this team is but I am so happy that Manchester United won the Champions League (10 days after winning the Premiership).   I will admit I cried.  I haven’t cried at a game we have won since the last time we won it

Can I just say as well that it was VERY close.  I have never supported a team that has won on penalties before, so I was not optimistic.  I do feel bad for John Terry who is the only Chelsea player I actually think is OK.  He fell over.  This still made me chortle though (thanks Si! sorry JT).

I am completely in love with all our players today.

Vidic and Rooney a few weeks ago.

Evra and Giggs last night.

And Cristiano coming out of the Lowry Hotel in Manchester the other day.  He should wear a cap always.  Or just get a hair cut, because, seriously.  The hair is awful.  Thanks to for the pics.


11 05 2008

How the beautiful game should be played

27 11 2007

In mourning

21 11 2007

England lost to Croatia in the Euro 08 qualifiers.  This means that we won’t be going to the European Championships finals which is frankly bloody appalling.  The match was totally painful and typical England.  We went 2-0 down and then defied the odds by scoring twice only to be caught napping with 10 minutes left to go when Croatia scored their third.  I feel rather drained.  We had our friend over to watch it which always makes a football match more of an event – chilli, beer, tortilla chips… perfect.  Shame about the actual game.  Steve McClaren better being drafting his letter of resignation…

Feeling good

8 10 2007

Sorry about going awol… had the sniffles and then lost my mojo. But I am BACK! I spent a productive weekend watching the rugby (woo! England!!), socialising, drinking, eating and sewing. It was just about perfect (except for the pounding head Sunday morning due to item three on the list above). I have *almost* finished the mini-quilt for Emily – just a couple of finishing touches (now that I realise I have enough time!) and then I really must tackle the debacle of my patchwork cushion covers that I completely bodged up a few weeks ago (they have been crammed in my fabric box for weeks because I cannot face working out how to fix it).

I got my first essay back from my new Open University course – Introduction to Humanities – and I did well which was pleasing given the short time I spent on it (I know, shock horror, right?!). It has inspired me to catch up on my reading for the course so I can try for once to stay on top of it. Now I have so much spare time, this shouldn’t be too hard. If only I wasn’t a telly addict – I would get so much more done.

And whilst I am on reading, I haven’t mentioned what I am reading lately. Since I stopped my commute, I have not read nearly so often which makes me a little sad so I am going to start trying to get to bed a bit earlier since that is my favourite place to read anyway. I am currently reading three books – I can’t seem to settle on any one at the moment: Tolkein’s The Two Towers, An Equal Music by Vikram Seth which makes me want to listen to classical music and know more about it and The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon which I know will be superb once I manage to get going with it. All in all, it is quite a lot to be getting on with. In the pipeline, I have Austen’s Love and Friendship and Sophie’s Choice by William Styron.

Finally, I have signed up for this year’s NaBloPoMo. Anyone else doing it? More on this nearer to November. Right, off now to read October’s Real Simple magazine with a cup of tea.

I would like to know…

10 09 2007
  • Why do burns from an iron hurts so much?  The contact must have been mere milliseconds and yet layer upon layer of skin has been melted.  It really doesn’t make me like the chore any more…
  • Will I ever be able to watch a programme about 9/11 without crying?  Should I?
  • How many TV shows series-linked on Sky + is too many?
  • When will my good intentions vis a vis exercise and diet start to materialise into something a little less theoretical and a little more effective (perhaps this question needs to be answered in conjunction with the previous question)?
  • Why aren’t I in Italy with my parents enjoying the sun, the Alps and the fine cuisine?
  • Why do people who buy stuff on ebay complain about the postage cost?  Don’t bid if you don’t like it, fools.
  • Will England qualify for Euro 08?  If they carry on playing like they did on Saturday we have a chance…
  • How many more shows can I get my MIL addicted to?  Alias?  Check.  24?  Check.  I don’t think Buffy or Dawson’s Creek will be her thing, alas.
  • What will I make with the lovely Laura Ashley fabric in my stash?
  • Will I be good and do the ironing and housework after work tomorrow as planned or will I be distracted by my Real Simple magazine which I have managed to get ordered at the newsagents in town and will be picking up on my way home?
  • How can the weekend be over already?